Louisville: A City Full of Fun History

There are countless reasons to visit the various cities across America. New York and L.A have an intense hustle and bustle. Portland has a wacky flair and interesting culture. And Louisville has a history unlike any other. 

Chartered in 1780, Louisville was named after the literal King Louis XVI. It’s one of the oldest cities in America, and has the history to show for it. The Kentucky Derby, for example, is the longest running sports event in America. A city this old also has a lot of interesting and ancient architecture. 

Old Louisville, a neighborhood in Louisville, holds the largest collection of restored Victorian homes in the nation. There are countless ancient cemeteries, halls, and parks across Louisville. There is also no shortage of museums! The Kentucky Derby Museum is an obvious example, but there are more niche things like the Louisville Slugger Museum. 

In terms of interesting characters, there is none more prominent than Muhammid Ali. A man so influential in boxing he has his own center in Louisville today. Yet others, such as Thomas Edison, and supreme court justice Louis Brandeis have also had massive impacts on history. Finally there are modern actors such as Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Cruise who come from Louisville.
And on top of all of the history of significance, there’s a lot of wacky stuff in Louisville as well. It was where the first hand transplant occurred, and where the cheeseburger originated. It also is the primary exporter of both bourbon and disco balls, a surprising mix. This is all what makes Louisville Louisville. It’s not a city for everyone, but for anyone with a care for history, it’s an unmissable spot. Learn more about getting on board with Louisville real estate below:

What Makes Louisville A Great Place To Live?
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