Meet The Marketing Dream Team: How Douglas James and His Team of Experts Changed The Game

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On the surface, digital marketing may seem like a one-man operation. But the full scope of efforts that go into successful digital marketing efforts really require much more than one strong player. They require a dream team.  Social media platforms are one of the most used ways to earn some extra money, or even to make a living off them, but how many followers to make money on TikTok.

Marketing expert Douglas James knows this all too well. After entering the world of digital marketing on his own, and becoming a master at the craft, he built up the ultimate digital marketing dream team. Now, James and his team of experts changed the game, and are transforming the world of digital marketing from the ground up.

Meet Douglas James

Douglas James is a serial entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert. After serving on humanitarian missions around the world as a Navy Corpsman, James decided to dedicate his life to helping others succeed in their businesses, using powerful digital marketing techniques. 

Now, James teaches and empowers other entrepreneurs on finding, closing and retaining high-ticket clients, in order to automate the growth of their businesses. In fact, he’s so skillful at this technique that he goes by “The High-Ticket Client Guy.”

James offers VIP days and 1-on-1 coaching, along with his Industry Marketing Academy and the High-Ticket Experience, which are all designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business. As he says, “I want you to achieve greatness beyond your wildest dreams.”

James has crafted the perfect dream team, to ensure he can produce the highest quality work, and help as many other entrepreneurs as possible. Read below to learn more about the incredible team behind Douglas James and see how they contribute big time to the journey of other entrepreneurs.

Annette Morton- Assistant to Douglas James

Annette is James’ right hand woman when it comes to his business. She is from San Diego and loves to combine creating with helping people. She is Douglas’ assistant, but is a jack of many trades, and also does graphic design, photography, videography, and social media account management. 

Jacky Canete- Customer Care Associate

Jacky has been mastering the art of Customer Support for more than 13 years. She works directly with students of James and makes sure they have excellent support and can easily resolve their issues. You’ll never be locked out of your account again with Jacky at the helm of Customer Care.

Christa Kieffer- Program Support Lead

Christa is the ultimate Douglas James success story, because she started off as a student of his. She never ran paid ads before, but after a few short months, was bringing on new clients and even helping other students. Now, she is the tech support of contact, and knows all of the ins and outs of these courses.

Beau Ryan

Beau knows what it takes to be a winner, after playing Division I baseball in college. He went on to work as a financial advisor, before turning to entrepreneurship. At 23-years-old, he built and sold a fitness center, and bought 44 cash flow rental units in the next two years alone.