Military Technology: Past, Present & Future

Ever since nations have existed, they have set apart a certain amount of their people to form a military. They were tasked with only one job, to protect and defend their people from anyone and anything. 

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With militaries, come weapons. Over the ages, weaponry and instruments like tactical telescoping poles used by militaries have significantly improved. They have come a long way from carving sharp rocks to the molding of swords to the current era of guns. And even today the technology used by militaries is rapidly improving and changing. 

An Ever-Changing Industry

The industry for military technology is one that has always kept on changing. It has always been an area that is considered to give any nation an edge over another. Thus, nations and countries have always tried to improve their technology to outperform others. It has happened in the past and continues to happen in the present world as well.  Below we have discussed some of the prominent features of military tech across the years.


Since the birth of mankind and nations, weapons have always been present. First to kill animals and then unfortunately fellow humans. The earliest weapons were made out of stone and were basically just sharply carved rocks. Sometimes they were just sharply carved wooden sticks.

 With the passage of time, humans evolved and so did their weapons. Bows, arrows, and swords were invented. These were a significant improvement from their predecessor i.e rocks and sticks. Larger weaponry such as catapults etc was also invented during this time period and was a very important part of any military. Up until the 15th century, these were the only weapons used in combat. Today, you can purchase swords like medieval swords and katanas at Mini Katana.

The time period of swords was also one of the constant wars. Thus, it can be said that the wars led to the improvement of technology and allowed the invention and usage of firearms later on. This is a trend that we have continued to see throughout history. A good site like allows more inventions and ideas to be brought into the world, and this is a good thing.

After the 15th firearms started being used in warfare. This was a big step in the advancement of military technology. This also set the stage for rapid expansion of empires as The British Empire continued to expand. Other countries also set out in hopes of finding new lands. The Mughal Empire was also founded during this era. It ultimately became a symbol of power in South Asia.  


The recent past and present in terms of military technology is truly something out of a science fiction novel. The industrial era and other advancements made in the 20th century enabled military technology to improve. From using shotguns and swords to using fully automated machine guns, a lot has improved. 

Today, military technology has been improved to the extent of using supersonic jets, submarines, and aircraft carriers and more you can learn about by reading online posts like this one,

Even on foot soldiers are equipped with state of the art technology such as military tactical goggles and bulletproof armor. Thermal imaging lenses and radars are also very common.

Military technology is also changing from just using physical weapons to virtual ones. Cyberwarfare is one of the latest advancements in military technology. The industry for military technology is focusing on creating weapons and technology for cyber warfare.

Even aircraft, missiles, and navy fleets are equipped with onboard systems to protect them from cyber-attacks. Even the slightest interference such as disabling any electronic gadget with the help of EMPs can have negative impacts on them. Thus military technology of the present is also focused on cyber weapons. Along with improving other currently present technology as well.


The future of military technology is a very interesting prospect. The thought of what may come next after already seeing such huge keeps in technology is surely one that makes you wonder. What can be surely said is that it will be highly influenced by areas of science such as Artificial Intelligence and robotics. Directed energy weapons such as lasers and biotechnology will also play a huge role in any advancements. 

As seen in the past, the race to out-equip each other will continue to ensure that nations push the limits of what is technologically possible. In a bid to ensure safety and solidify their position in the world, militaries will continue to spend big budgets. This will fuel advancements in the industry. 


Military technology is an area that has been under constant advancements ever since the creation of militaries. What changes might occur in military technology in the next decade or two? This is a fascinating question on its own. The present era indicates significantly greater improvements in the future. However, we should not ignore the question that are the stakes just too high?

One thing is for sure though, any advancements that may happen in the future will be dependent on concrete analysis and budget decisions. We, as citizens, may not be able to contribute to these advancements, but we can show our support by donating military care packages. In these A military revolution that followed after the world wars may stop yet military technology will continue to improve. Countries such as The U.S, China, and Russia will continue to invest in this industry to outperform each other. In the end, let’s hope any advancements that may occur will be the cause of peace rather than war.