New York Influencer Hosts Live Social Media Conference

New York influencer, Valeriia Timoshova, organized the upcoming social media conference “Show Yourself” for platform growth and monetization.

Manhattan, April 23, 4 pm – Social media enthusiasts will gather for the upcoming “Show Yourself” live conference organized and hosted by content creator and mentor Valeriia Timoshova. The conference will provide tools and tactics to teach budding influences and entrepreneurs how to grow their social presence and profit from it successfully.

The “Show Yourself” conference is designed for people who want to accelerate their social media account growth and learn how to monetize it. The audience will learn how to grow across various platforms, sell products and services, and collaborate with brands. It’s aimed at people who want to make passive income from social media and learn more about the industry. Whether you are a business owner, an expert in your niche, a blogger, or someone who wants to attract more clients, the conference could be beneficial to you.

Organizer and host Valeriia Timoshova has an extensive social platform backed by impressive figures. Her combined audience on Instagram and TikTok exceeds 1.5 million followers. In addition, the blog she started in 2014 now brings her up to $60,000 in product sales and thousands of positive reviews. Valeriia is a dance teacher who has created a considerable portfolio of online and offline dance courses and now mentors other women to make money doing the things they love.

Valeriia and her expertise will be joined at the conference by two other speakers, Lizaveta Vasileva, content creator and social media consultant, and Natalie Serova, women’s mentor and world traveler. Lizaveta has 3.5 million followers across two TikTok accounts and 100,00 followers on two Instagram accounts. She has amassed 8 billion views on her first YouTube channel with 6 million subscribers. Now spending only 2 hours a day on creating content, Lizaveta earns more than $10,000 on consulting and mentoring.

The other conference speaker, Natalie Serova, also boasts an impressive entrepreneurial growth story. Natalie started earning up to $30,000 per month for 2 years while traveling and working only 3 to 4 days a week. She has learned to invest in various projects and has developed serval forms of passive income. She now mentors other women to help them believe in themselves and reach their potential.

Throughout the 4-hour conference, guests will follow an in-depth program that covers details about YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and how to make money from each. It will address the different approaches and styles needed for each platform and how to tailor your videos to get views. It will look at management systems, how to get started, and tips and tricks from industry professionals who have already done it.

An important aspect of the conference is focusing on how to tackle self-doubt. The fear of showing yourself online and what others might think stops many people from reaching their potential. The conference aims to tackle these roadblocks of self-doubt and how to prove to yourself that you are ready to show yourself.

To find out more about the conference, including the program and speakers, or register and purchase your ticket, visit the website:

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