Choosing a Solicitor for Your Business

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As your business evolves, there are many different reasons why you might require advice or assistance from Solicitors in Liverpool or other legal professional. Working closely with an individual or firm who understands the nuts and bolts of corporate and commercial law will prove invaluable to the growth and continued success of your business. 

Here are just a few of the most important factors to consider when searching for the right solicitor for your company. 

Go by Experience

As with anything in life, doing your own research into honest, unbiased reviews offers the best opportunity for you to gain clear insight into any solicitor. Look online, and ask for recommendations from local people and fellow business owners who have reached out for similar reasons in the past. 

Check Legal Directories

Legal directories, such as The Legal 500 and Chambers, offer an excellent point of reference for the value of a firm or individual lawyer. Their inclusion offers a strong sign that the firm offers a highly valued service to their clients, that they hold a wealth of experience in that field of law, and that their position is highly respected by other experts. 

Look for a Firm with a Diverse Skillset 

This is particularly valuable when you have plans to grow your business, and to explore new avenues in the future – you don’t want to run into the issue of ‘outgrowing’ your solicitor. A law firm that holds a high level of experience in multiple areas – such as employment, corporate and commercial law – will be able to continue working alongside your company in the years to come. For example, offer a comprehensive approach, from advice on hiring new employees to putting a strong succession plan in place.

Not only will this ensure that you are not starting from scratch – or going back and forth between multiple firms each time you require assistance or advice, but working with a firm who knows the ins and outs of your company will also help to prevent you from running into avoidable issues as your business expands and changes. 

Value Firms that Foster Long Term Relationships

To that end, working with a law firm interested in building lasting relationships with their clients through fixed-fee or retainer packages (which can be paid as-and-when) can be useful. This simplifies the process of budgeting for legal help, as well as making it much easier for you to receive the assistance you require when you need it, without having to wait for the firm to catch themselves up on the nature of your company, and its unique requirements. 

Ask Yourself, Can You Form a Collaboration with the Firm?

As your business grows, the relationship you hold with your legal firm will continue to gain significance, and it is important that you feel as though you can maintain a strong, collaborative effort with them as you move forward.

Judging whether a business’s ethos aligns with your own is largely instinctual, but you should consider asking yourself the following questions. Is their communication style clear? Are they forward-thinking? Do they work with businesses in similar sectors to yours? 

What’s more, if the firm is too large, they might not be able to offer the same close relationship available from smaller firms. The right firm will have a wide and diverse skillset in many different areas of law, but having ‘too many irons in the fire’ will limit the amount of time and effort they can lend to your business, which may lead to frustration and long wait times.