Oahu Hidden Gems

Explore Oahu’s hidden gems beyond its tourist spots, from idyllic beaches to jaw-dropping lookout points – you may just find something breathtaking here.

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Mermaid Caves

The Mermaid Caves are a remarkable and increasingly popular hidden treasure on Oahu’s west coast, located off Kaleipapai Road and accessible via hiking trail or car, and close to sacred spots in Oahu. Made up of sea caves carved out from lava rocks along its coast, these amazing structures are truly amazing to witness!

To locate the caves on Oahu’s west side, head to Zablan Beach on Laumania Ave and park either there or Nanakuli Beach Park (commonly referred to as Kalaniana’ole Beach Park). Walk along the rocky shoreline towards cliffs until you find an opening in a rock face – that will lead you into this otherworldly realm!

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Be careful – this adventure could prove dangerous without proper equipment and swimming abilities, so take extra precautions! However, the experience alone makes this trip worth your while; the place feels like home for mermaids!

Ka’ena Point State Park

Kaena Point State Park provides ample open spaces and seemingly never-ending coastline to let children run free and have fun in an environment with few rules. Rock pierced shorelines and sandy dunes give children space to climb, play, throw rocks into the water, be loud and generally act like kids. Along this trail on Oahu’s western coast are tide pools, ocean blowholes and natural stone arches as well as protected seabirds, native plants, Hawaiian monk seals. This trail also serves as an outdoor classroom with plenty of trails surrounding Oahu’s western coastline that leads them there – perfect for an afternoon escape for adults too!

Hike from one of two parking lots (Waianae or North Shore). While visitors are allowed into the park, visitors should remember it is a wildlife sanctuary and should respect seabirds and Hawaiian monk seals as you navigate their habitat. You may also extend your trek by climbing uphill towards an old military pillbox at the top of a ridge for even more stunning views of Oahu’s west coast.

Shark’s Cove

Shark’s Cove offers the perfect combination of tranquility and adventure – it is part of Pupukea Beach Park and features a rocky (actually lava rock) beach with shallow waters that is home to an abundance of marine wildlife, caverns and tunnels with depths up to 45 feet, offering ample opportunity for snorkeling adventures.

This unique North Shore destination also features numerous eateries for you to relax after exploring underwater world. Keep a sharp lookout for Green Sea Turtles and Monk Seals that inhabit this area of North Shore!

Snorkeling at Shark’s Cove is like discovering an underwater paradise. However, due to strong currents and waves that often form here, it’s wise to first consult the weather report prior to visiting this location. Also be mindful of seasonal conditions; peak surf conditions typically occur from October until April.

Electric Beach

Oahu’s west side offers several beaches perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving, such as Kahe Point and Tracks Beaches on Oahu’s west coast, just north of Kahe Point and Tracks. On sunny weekends you may even see many scuba divers clad only in diving gear making their way into the ocean – an unusual sight!

Electric Beach offers warm waters due to the Hawaii Electric power plant located directly across from it, drawing marine life such as sea turtles and spotted eagle rays to this warm location. In fact, you may even catch sight of spinner dolphins swimming through here!

Beginners to snorkeling will find this spot ideal, as the reef lies close to shore. Just keep in mind that winter conditions can become rough; therefore it’s advisable to swim in groups and bring a flotation device as a safeguard.