People Making Major Differences in Haiti

Haiti is a country that is frequently affected by natural disasters. They started in the early 1700s, where landslides and aftershocks would crumble homes and large buildings. These events are still happening today. If anything, natural disasters are more frequent. 

The people of Haiti are significantly impacted by these disasters. Over the centuries, millions of people have died and more people have been left without homes, a safe place, and a future. 

The impact of such disasters leaves children without families and are often left to fend for themselves. 

Thankfully, there are organizations to help orphans in Haiti go to college to help improve the quality of their lives. These organizations were founded so that the after-effects of the earthquakes do not hinder children’s futures. With the earthquakes affecting millions of people each time, it is important to help the people of Haiti get back on track. 

How The Natural Disasters Are Affecting The People Of Haiti

The magnitude 7 earthquake that occurred in 2010 is still affecting the country. Over 220,000 people died and a further 300,000 were injured. Hundreds of buildings and homes had collapsed and crumbled, leaving Haitian families without anyone to live, be educated, and work. 

Not long after the 2010 earthquake, Haiti was hit by Hurricane Matthew just six years after in 2016. Just five years later, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake happened in 2021. Thus, the people of Haiti have experienced frequent and devastating natural disasters that have left them without a safe place to live and grow up. 

How People Can Make A Major Difference In Haiti

The people of Haiti are left with damaged homes or unsafe places to live and grow up after the event of a natural disaster. Some adults are left fending for the lives of several children, which aren’t their own, due to the children’s families being killed in the event of an earthquake. 

These residents are kind enough to take as much care of the children as possible. However, they struggle to look after themselves properly, let alone the orphans.

Organizations like the Haiti Children’s Project help orphaned children find hope. The team works to create safe places for the children to live and be educated so that they can grow up and live healthy and happy lives. Children can be left without clothes and water, which the organization provides. 

This organization aims to grow and expand to help even more people in Haiti. It is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Thus, after the event of a natural disaster that destroys homes and people’s wellbeing, they are left to fend for themselves and cannot afford to rebuild and restore their properties. 

More so, children can be without the help and care of a family. So, the Haiti Children’s Project intervenes and helps children and their carers recover to attain a sense of safety and normality. 

The people of Haiti struggle to help themselves due to a poor economy. Thus, people that can help should help, so that they can make a difference in the people’s lives in Haiti.