Class 8th science: how to prepare the right way

Science is often considered a difficult subject by many students. It is a subject that requires a good amount of practice and preparation. Science can be a high-scoring subject and it can also be a reason for your overall low results, all of it depends upon the way of your preparations. So, it is important to prepare well to score good marks in science. Here are a few tips that can help you score high marks in the CBSE class 8 science exam.

Analyze the syllabus

A basic understanding of your syllabus with regards to the chapters that are more important and more time-consuming chapters can help you identify your priorities. You can make your preference list according to the chapters that are more important followed by the less important chapters.

Note down all the formulas or equations of your syllabus on a sheet of paper

Listing all the important formulas on a sheet of paper can help you to learn them quickly as well as the formulas will retain in your mind for a longer time. You can make a list of the important formulas or equations of your syllabus and stick the sheet or sheets of paper somewhere in your room so that the list will be visible to you most of the time.

Study material

Being a CBSE student, there are specific books that are recommended by the board. You can start with your coursebook and once you have completed that, you can also refer to books of different other writers to study instead of confining yourself to a single book.

Make notes

You can study from your coursebook but books generally contain a lot of information and to summarize it up you can write or make notes of the topic you have studied. Making notes will help you revise easily before your exam. This practice will also help you to save time; you can revise the important topics and keywords from your notes instead of revising from the book.

Clear your doubts

It is very normal as well as necessary to have doubts. Having doubts can also be a sign that you understand the concepts and so you should not feel guilty for having doubts and clearing them. Clear your doubts on the same day it occurs, it can help you learn more easily. Do not hesitate to ask your doubts from your teachers and take help whenever necessary.

Practice previous year’s question papers

Practicing previous year’s question paper can make wonders and can give amazing outcomes. Practice previous year’s papers can give you an estimate of the type of questions, the weightage, and the time required for answering each question. It can give you an estimate of the exact pattern of the exam. You can practice previous year’s papers and analyze your performance. This practice will also help you identify your weak areas.

Work on your weak areas: 

After you have identified the areas where you are weak, you can improve those areas by practicing more. You can give topic-wise tests or practice sample papers of the topics you consider tough.

Try to write more:  

It has been scientifically proved that writing helps to retain the information you have written for a longer period. It can also help you memorize the topics easily and efficiently. 

Practice diagrams: 

Diagrams are self-explanatory if drawn and labeled properly are also high-scoring and can help you gain marks easily. Practice the diagrams as much as you can, work on their proper labeling and try to make them neat and clean.

Maintain a proper schedule: 

Plan your day in advance. Make a schedule of your 24 hours with proper study sessions along with breaks. Taking a proper amount of breaks is very necessary for increasing your efficiency. It is important to not force yourself and take your time to relax as well. 

Rest and eat properly: 

You may feel fatigued while studying if you don’t take the proper amount of breaks between your study sessions. It is also very important to take care of yourself and eat nutritious food. Your diet and your lifestyle can highly affect the quality of your focus and concentration. So eat properly, sleep, and do not forget to take a rest in between your day.

Manage your time: 

You have to ensure that you do not consume more amount of time as the time duration of your exam will be limited to 3 hours. The best method to analyze and manage your time is to practice the previous year’s question papers. They can help you to understand the exact amount of time you need for a particular answer. You can also set a timer before each question for more improvement.

Watch an educational video:  

It is common to feel exhausted or tired after long study sessions, making a change in the way you study can help you feel less exhausted. You can switch from your books to educational videos for a specific topic. This practice will make you feel refreshed, you can also see an educational video related to your topic while taking a break, this will help you get refreshed as well as gain some information in your free time. Visuals can also help in retaining the information for a longer period.

Present your answers in a good manner: 

Writing your answers in points instead of paragraphs will make your answers look more informative and understandable to the invigilator. For better presentation, you can also highlight the important words using a pencil or a pen of a different color. This is a very effective way of gaining more marks.

These tricks and tips can help you achieve your desired marks easily, every obstacle can be solved with enough hard work and smart work. You can easily score high marks by following the above-mentioned tips. Just study and practice as much as you can.