Pet Proof Your Home With Style

When you have pets like cats, you need to keep them safe and healthy. Here is coconut oil for cats which is very beneficial, why not try them also for your pets? And if you have a fish or are thinking of having a fish as a pet, then you should look for the best fish tank for sale, as suggested by Tropical Fish Care Guides. But that doesn’t mean your home has to become dull or turn into some kind of padded room straight out of an insane asylum. Comfort and style can coincide with keeping your pets (and home) safe. No matter how chaotic your pet’s personality may be, you can design your home to weather the storm while spoiling your pet at the same time. In case your pet gets injured at home, there are over the counter pet wound care products that you can use for first aid.

High and Tight

High and tight began as a term military people used to express their extremely short, low-maintenance hairstyles. With help from cleaning service, having an excess of frilly or fringed items in your home can become less of a disaster in a hurry. Because pets tend to eat, shred and simply ruin anything they can easily get their claws and teeth into, you need to adopt the “high and tight” method for your décor.

This means things like low-pile carpet instead of shag, with a nap that would be hard to snag. As well, everything made of fabric should present a solid surface instead of something that your pet may use as floss or a toy. Since pets tend not to discriminate between their toys and furniture you would like to keep for a while, give them as little to grasp as possible.

Flooring and Mindfulness

One interesting thing many less-experienced pet owners learn is that hardwood floors are not necessarily the best kind of flooring when you have pets. It would seem to be great since hardwood is durable and pet messes are reasonably easy to clean off of it. Unfortunately, there are also downsides.

One problem with hardwood floors is that they need special care. If you love when your pet walks on a freshly-mopped floor, you will be simply ecstatic when they tread through a freshly-sealed hardwood, leaving a permanent paw mark you would have to sand out. If you have even the slightest trace of OCD, this will drive you to madness in a hurry. That’s why we recommend pet owners to buy a proper home for their pet at

Another problem with hardwoods is that they can stain as easily as carpet can. If you are at work or on vacation and your pet has an accident, the ensuing hours could put a permanent stain into your expensive floor. This won’t be sanded out, either – the piece will need to be replaced. You can prevent this kind of accident from happening by buying your cat teething toys for kittens to keep them entertained while you are in a vacation.

Laminate floors, vinyl flooring, granite or stone are excellent solid choices for pets. If you love carpet and want its maintenance to be easy, removable carpet squares work amazingly. These sections of carpet are cost-effective, easy to install and let you replace a small area if it gets messed up instead of the whole thing.

When it comes to doggy doors, you don’t have to settle for wooden frames or rubber doors that flap open. To give your door a more aesthetic and modern look, you can opt to have a glass door for your furry friend, do visit this store that provides perfect dog doors for glass doors Home Improvement services.

Less Extreme Coloration

Nearly every kind of pet that doesn’t swim in a bowl is going to shed, and this will go everywhere. One way you can avoid having this shedding show too much is to stay away from colors that are either too dark or too pale. More moderate colors tend not to show dander, fur or scales as much. A side benefit is that less extreme colors also tend to fade less.

It doesn’t take much to pet-proof your home in style! Be sure the safety of your pet and the cleanliness of your home are at the top of your to-do list today, specially if you are starting to learn about poodle vs labradoodle to introduce a new member to your family. 

You can also bring your animal to an animal center that has it’s own luxury pet boarding facility. It is offering luxury suites with custom made beds, televisions, and very large shaded exercise areas.