Simple and Elegant French Country Interior Design Elements

Many interior design styles have fallen out of trend in recent years but are slowly making a comeback. One example of this is French country interior design. Some people think that this style is too ornate for today’s preference for simple and minimalist interiors. However, French country can be the epitome of elegance and simplicity if done by an accredited interior designer near me. This guide from inspirelivinghq shows how you can incorporate this classic design in your home’s interior while keeping it simple and classy.

The color palette should be warm and subtle

Some of the popular design styles today like industrial design, favor pops of color to create contrasts. French country is the direct opposite of this because this style aims to produce a welcoming ambiance. To create this feel, you need to begin with a subdued and neutral color palette such as tans, warm yellows, and creams. In selecting accents, look for colors that are traditionally associated with French design aesthetics such as antique white and rust. Hire interior design services if you’re having difficulties choosing the right colors, an interior design specialist can also interpret your ideas into a tangible plan as well as evaluate what is feasible in your space. 

Furniture has flowing lines and lush appeal

If you want to make the interior look more rustic than ostentatious, choose furniture with sophisticated and flowing lines. If you want, you can add a few pieces that stand out and add a sense of luxury to your home such as in the Lavelle Melange Bedroom Collection bedroom furnishings.

You also need to focus on choosing furniture with plush and cozy upholstery. French country design also gives prime importance to comfort and sophistication. For a range of modern single storey home designs, visit Ross North Homes.

Look for pieces and accents with a weathered finish

If you are embracing French country design for your home, you also need to respect tradition. One element that governs this style is pieces that are handed down from one generation to another. If you embrace this correctly, you can include subtle hints of this design principle.

One example is choosing finishes that lend an antique look to furniture, flooring, and other architectural elements. An epoxy coated table is perfect for this style of design, see The Epoxy Resin Store homepage for more details. Another way you can achieve this is by buying epoxy products on and using it on antique pieces to complement most of the pieces you already have in your home. Look for vintage lamps and chairs which can also act as conversation pieces the next time guests come over.

Accessorize to achieve a charming old world look

When you choose accessories for your home, you get the chance to express your personality in a fun way. One defining characteristic of French country design is using Toile which is a traditional floral pattern used in textiles. You can incorporate this design in small accents like shutters, throw pillows and rugs. If you are a bit bolder, you can use this as your upholstery fabric for furniture. Other accessories you can incorporate are wrought iron chandeliers, large mirrors, and wall-mounted clocks.

Although some people think that French country interior design is synonymous with traditional and over-decorated homes, nothing can be farther from the truth because you can achieve this design aesthetic while remaining elegant and straightforward. Consider the suggestions above and choose elements you wish to add to your home’s interior design.