Social Media Misunderstandings: Finding a Perfect Audience

Social media has become an undeniable giant when it comes to how new products and markets are reaching consumers in the modern world. By 2023, there are going to be a projected 257 million social media users. It’s no longer an option to use social media but a necessity.

The unfortunate reality of such a large and different sort of market growing to prominence is many don’t know how to utilize it effectively. Mistakes like reposting the same content across all social media platforms, using formal tones, and using clickbait as a crutch for poor content and audience engagement are incredibly common.

Instead there are three solid phases one can follow to find and garner an audience. Phase one consists of understanding. One needs to learn about the environment they’re working in, the sensitivities of the audience they want to reach, and the foundation they want to build. Understanding all of this gives a good platform to work from.

Phase two comes in the form of tone and timing. Refining how one is coming across on social media, how their content is reaching others, and how it can be expanded to reach others is tone. Timing is being sensitive to when things should be posted, how to capitalize on certain events, and knowing when to reach a new audience.

Finally phase three is characterized completely by emotions. The ability to work with some instinct and drive while not falling to the whims of social trends or one’s audience is essential. As one’s platform grows it’s easy to become worried by shifts in their audience, but the reality is that floundering and worrying won’t come off well to an audience and secure their retention.

Social media is a challenging and new world. While there are no definitive steps one can take that apply universally, there are some principles that can help anyone in their pursuit of finding and securing an audience.

Finding A Perfect Audience
Source: Bang Productions