3 Tips To Stand out and Increase Your Presence on Quora

Quora is a fantastic platform for users to ask questions and also offer their own expertise and advice to other people online. In fact, there are more people answering questions than there are asking! According to Siteefy, around 198,000 answers are given every day and only 67,000 questions are asked each day.

This means that it’s actually not incredibly easy to get upvotes and responses on the answers you leave on other users’ questions. You’re going to need to step your game up with your Quora responses, even if you know you’re giving the right answer.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can make your posts on Quora stand out more so that your presence increases, as well as the engagement on your various posts and comments.

So, if you want to stand out more on Quora, and increase the overall presence of your Quora profile (much like this individual’s), then keep reading this article for three tips on how to do just that. 

  1. Don’t be modest

If you’re limiting yourself to just a few topics that you follow, then you’re never going to see enough questions that need answering. Unlike many websites, Quora has a lot of topics. Like a lot of topics. If you think following 100 topics on Quora is a lot, you should know there are over 400,000 topics in existence on the website currently.

So, if you are only selecting two or three to follow from that 400,000, the number of questions you come across will be far and few between. Selecting topics can be kind of tricky, as there is no page of all 400,000 that is organized for you.

So, you’re going to need to do some brainstorming in order to pick more topics to follow on Quora. Some good places to start would be branching out from your current topics into something slightly different, but also familiar for you. For example, if you follow the topic “Guitar”, try also adding in the type of music you play on guitar like rock and roll. That way, questions pertaining to rock and roll will appear on your feed. 

  1. Be active

One of the most common problems that people overlook when trying to increase their presence on any social media site, let alone Quora, is that they are simply not participating enough. At the end of the day, the more questions you answer, the more likely it is that one of them will become the top comment on a highly viewed Quora question.

In addition to that, answering questions frequently on Quora will help improve your technique. As you post on Quora more and more, you will notice a style of answers that tends to work better than others, and you can easily mold this style of writing into your own by continuously posting on the site. 

Not sure what is frequent enough? Check out this article, where the writer claimed to have answered 147 questions during the week of Thanksgiving.

  1. Explain your answers

Explaining your answers in detail on Quora is a sure method of attracting more credibility, and thereby more upvotes onto your posts. One of the most popular sayings that go with obtaining information on the internet is that you can’t trust it. So your answers will need to prove their credibility for people to truly accept them.

However, you don’t want to draw out the answer unnecessarily, as it will no doubt cause many people to skip right over your answer for a shorter one. Additionally, some posts really don’t require that long of an answer, and you should only provide a detailed explanation in difficult or controversial subjects.

We also recommend providing the answer in the first few sentences and then giving the full explanation afterward. The reason for this is so that people who only want an answer and don’t care for the explanation don’t have to read through all your reasoning in order to get to the answer. 

Key Takeaways

Remember to give well-thought-out answers and to try to branch out to more topics. With enough determination and commitment, you may just see one of your Quora answers on a Google search.