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Importance of Business Analytics

Importance of Business Analytics Helen Lee Schifter, the former Hearst and Conde Nast editor is a numbers woman, having worked also as an arbitrage trader on Wall Street. Therefore, Schifter is a big proponent of having all the necessary business analytics in order to make critical decisions in business. Smart businesses employ business analytics to

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How to reduce overhead costs when starting a business

Daily Business Operations

Successful business owners like Andrew Defrancesco invests in the smooth running of the daily operation of their business. Many aspects make a business successful, depending on your area of operation. There are standard business operating procedures that are followed by almost all business entities globally. Here, we are going to focus on the basic daily

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Tactical Business Strategies

Helen Lee Schifter, the former Wall Street arbitrage trader and former editor of both Hearst and Conde Nast knows a lot about tactical business strategies. To paraphrase an old investment strategy commercial, when Schifter talks, people listen. Here are some of the tactical business strategies that Ms. Schifter recommends. The first element is to have

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