The Australian Homeowner’s Guide to Interstate Removals

Living in such a huge country, which also happens to be a continent, does offers its challenges, but there are also many advantages. You can, for example, plan to retire somewhere warm like Brisbane, and if you happen to be relocating to another state any time soon, here are a few tips to help make the transition a smooth one.

  • Container Removals – Let’s face it, no one is comfortable with the idea of complete strangers packing their prized personal possessions, and who could blame them? Ask the interstate removalist to drop a container at your home, and you and your family can pack at your leisure, plus the removal company will supply you with all the packing materials you need. You will also save money by self-packing and once the container is secured and ready to go, the removalist hitches it up to a truck and away you go!
  • Comprehensive Insurance – Anything could happen, your furniture might be damaged during unloading, or worse, the truck could be involved in a road accident, so do make sure that the removal company is fully insured. This is even more important if you own some furniture which are antiques, and do point out any valuable items when the removalist is quoting for the project.
  • Preparing the New Property – As your new residence is in another state, you won’t be able to pop over, so make sure you can Skype call the agent and ask them to have the property cleaned and ensure that the utilities are connected up and turned on, ready for your arrival. It might sound silly, but make sure you have a set of keys when the container arrives (such an obvious thing is often overlooked). If you are using a company such as, you won’t have to worry about the actual move and will have the time to arrange other things.
  • Pre-Packing – Ask for the container to be delivered a week or so before the move date and you and your family can begin to pack items that are rarely used. This will reduce the workload on the big day, plus you will be able to pack tightly, as you are in no rush. You could, for example, pack as much as 50% of your items in advance, which would really lessen the load. Make sure to hire reliable professionals such as the ones from so you are well-assured that the process would be seamless.
  • Comparing Quotes – The Internet has many benefits, not least when you wish to compare quotes from various companies, and if you want the best value for money, choose an interstate removal firm that offers self-packing. They would supply all the packing materials that you will need, and by delivering a container a week prior to the move, you and your family will make short work of the packing and loading.

The key to a smooth and uneventful interstate relocation lies firmly with your choice of removal contractors, and if you search online, you’ll find experts that will allow self-packing and use containers.

Once you have successfully moved, you should consider getting homeowners insurance to cover your property from costly damage.