Tips for Touring Melbourne: What you Need to Know

Known as the cultural centre of Australia, the ambient city of Melbourne has lots to offer the tourist, and if you are planning a visit in 2020, there is lots to arrange. While Sydney and Melbourne have been competing for the top spot for many years, Melbourne definitely has the edge when it comes to culture and entertainment, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to make the most out of your visit to sunny Melbourne.

  • Myki – This is the ticketless mass transport system that the city introduced, and this is a hot topic of conversation with the locals. It costs $6 for a one-day pass, which might restrict travel within the CBD, but either way, this is definitely the best way to get around Melbourne. You can buy these at train stations, booths and convenience stores, plus you have some options as to the type of access you have.
  • Explore the Unique Melbourne Bars – Located in the small streets along the Yarra River, with Southgate being a favourite, where you can sit and chat with locals and tourists alike. Strolling around in the early evening is a great way to start and you will eventually come across a bar that suits you. You can drink late into the night, if you know where to go, and this information could be gained from a local, or one of the blog sites that focuses on Melbourne light life.
  • Serviced Apartments – Forget hotels when you can book a fantastic apartment for the duration of your stay, check out, one of the best providers in Melbourne and they have something to suit every taste. The website enables very easy searching, simply enter your dates, number of people and click to see the wide range of apartments available.
  • Great Food at Affordable Prices – Melbourne is known for its diverse cuisine – you can enjoy Michelin-starred food for less than $10, and if you’d prefer something more upmarket, you are spoiled for choice, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Explore the Narrow Lanes – Melbourne offers the adventurous tourist a treasure trove of quiet little lanes, where you’ll find unique bars and small eateries, and you can spend your evenings exploring. On the main streets, you will generally find big chains and larger restaurants, and there are special hand-drawn maps of Melbourne that point out the small lanes where you will find a diverse selection of bars and restaurants.
  • The Coffee Culture – If you are a coffee lover, you’ll have a great time in the mornings, and with the Australian expertise with coffee, you won’t find a bad cup anywhere in the city. Sitting outside in the early morning is a favourite pastime for many locals, when you can sample some the best coffee in the world while watching people going about their daily business.

Melbourne has something for everyone and you could spend a few weeks in this unique metropolis and still not cover everything. Fine music, the arts, evening entertainment and great value serviced apartments, make Melbourne a real delight for the tourist.