The Growth of Outdoor Exploration

There are about 14,000 privately-owned RV parks and campgrounds throughout the U.S. that people can travel to.  However, the majority of Americans spend a large amount of their time at work or focused on screens without taking enough time off.  

In fact, Americans can spend an average of 13.2 years working while only 328 days socializing.  The average American spends about three hours per week checking work emails at home and four hours per week scrolling social media.  In 2021, people spent an average of 33 minutes on Facebook, 32 minutes on TikTok, and 29 minutes on Instagram daily.  

About 28 million Americans don’t get paid vacation or paid holidays, and only 45% of those who do use all of their PTO.  Finland, the country ranked as the world’s happiest country for four years running, has companies that offer an average of 30 paid vacation days each year.  

There are several reasons why Americans aren’t taking more time off, including appearing replaceable at work, having a heavy workload and/or lack of coverage, and having concerns about safety and security.  Less than half of the vacation days Americans do use are for travel.  

However, going on an eco adventure can be really beneficial.  Spending just 20 minutes outdoors for three days in a week can reduce stress, boost cognitive function, improve memory, and enhance overall well-being.  Spending time outdoors can also help with creating lasting memories with family and friends, balancing our modern lives, and reconnecting with nature.  Planning an outdoor adventure is fairly easy because there is no need to book flights and the risk of infection decreases.  

The popularity of camping rose in 2020 with more than 86 million U.S. households turning into campers.  26% of Millennials became first-time campers in 2020.  60% of all first-time campers were non-white. 

There are several activities people can enjoy in the great outdoors with any budget.  Tent camping allows people to stay close to nature while still staying budget conscious.  An RV road trip is a convenient option for long trips and families.  You can also choose to go on a glamping getaway, which combines the ease of a hotel-like stay with easy access to nature. In addition, for your next getaway, you can always rent an RV from professional RV companies if you don’t own one.   

Outdoor exploration provides the whole family with free activities to enjoy, fun amenities to experience, and nearby attractions to visit. If you want extreme control for trails and difficult riding terrain when using your onewheel, consider buying onewheel footpads from The Float Life.

There are lots of eco adventure destinations that you can choose from, based on the people you are going with.

An outdoors adventure is a great way to take a break without the extra hassle of booking flights, reserving hotels, or finding rental cars like the rental mobil batam.