Why Putting Fragile On Packages IS A Good Idea

If you have something that can break during your Interstate Moving, you need to take every precaution you can to ensure it gets to its destination in good condition. One of the most common approaches is to write the word ‘fragile’ on the box in the hope that this will make the delivery person take more care with your parcel.

The question is whether this is a good idea or even worthwhile, or not.

How Fragile Helps

Before you get to the outside of the package you should spend plenty of time on the inside. Ideally, your item will be in a square or rectangular box as this makes it easy to transport and stack. The item should be wrapped in something, such as bubble wrap. This will help to protect it on its journey.

Any empty space in the box should be filled with packaging. This can deflect some of the force if the package is knocked around. It will also help prevent the item from moving.

On the outside of the package, you can, and should, write fragile on each of the surfaces. The same applies if the item is perishable, except you write the word ‘perishable’ on the box.

This highlights that the item is breakable and encourages everyone handling it to do so with care. Although all packages should be handled with care, you’ll find writing this does make a difference.

Additional Measures

There are other steps you can take to protect your goods in transit. Perhaps the most obvious and most effective approach is a logger. There are plenty to choose from, such as the temperature data logger or the impact logger.

In effect, these are stickers with a coloured dot in the middle of them. Each sticker is designed for a purpose, whether that be monitoring temperature or impacts to the box. The stickers have pre-defined limits, if the impact is greater than the defined limit or the temperature goes outside pre-determined parameters, the coloured dot changes colour.

This alerts the receiver to reject the package and places the blame for damage firmly with the delivery service. Using these stickers is an excellent way to ensure the transport company take the best possible care of your packages.


Of course, it can also help to look at the reputation of your chosen courier, before you commit to using them. A good medical courier service will have a reputation for delivering most items in the condition they were sent. For delicate medical supplies and medicines, hire temperature controlled pharmaceutical transport company to ensure the goods are preserved during transport. Obviously, all services experience the odd failure. The key to checking the reputation is to ask family, friends, and check on social media. You’ll quickly get an idea of the common consensus regarding a company. You should also consider having contract courier rung.

This will help you make the right decision.

Final Thoughts

The care of the delivery agents can be enhanced by using custom packaging boxes. But, the best way to ensure your item gets where it needs to go in one piece remains by packaging the parcel as well as possible. The more resilient it is to damage the higher the likelihood of it getting to its destination in one piece.