The Top 5 Features of a Superyacht for Entrepreneurs

The Good Life, Aberdeen Harbour

If you are one of
the few billionaires in the world, the chances are that you own a superyacht, I
guess they have to buy something with all that money, and commissioning your
very own floating palace is a great idea if you like to travel in style. Once
you climb up into the $200m bracket, there are some serious add-ons for luxury
superyachts, and here are just a few examples of amazing features to be found
on the world’s largest superyachts.

  1. The Heli Pad – No need to drive your Bentley or Aston Martin to the dock, not if you have your very own heli pad on top of your yacht, and some of the high rollers have their own chopper, which sits on the deck, waiting for you to leave in a hurry. There are one or two superyachts that have multiple heli pads, ideal for entertaining your wealthy friends who can fly in from wherever they happen to be.
  2. Hot Tub – You might think that such a luxury is standard for the billionaires’ club, yet very few actually have a hot tub on deck. Those that do have this luxurious add-on have spared no expense, this ensuring that the hot tub jacuzzi is ready and waiting for you to enjoy. Allspa Swim Spas have the largest choice of endless pools and hot tubs in Europe, with many items in stock for immediate delivery.

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  3. Submarine – Yes, that’s right. Some superyachts have their own mini-sub that will show you the amazing marine life around the vessel, and while this amazing extra would cost a few million dollars, it also offers an instant escape route, should the end of the world arrive. Several Arabian princes do have submarines on board their luxury yachts, allowing them to leave without anyone knowing.
  4. IMAX Movie Theatre – Film director Stephen Spielberg has a state-of-the-art movie room on his superyacht, as you might expect, and so do a few actors and actresses, which is ideal for that exclusive showing of their next blockbuster film. Dual 4k resolution lets you enjoy a movie in such a way that you feel you are in the midst of the action, and you can pause the movie at any time, should you be interrupted.
  5. Missile Defence System – There is at least one superyacht that uses the latest military technology to protect the vessel by automatically knocking out any inbound threat. Usually deployed at the rear of the vessel, the James Bond type add-on is only for those who have serious enemies, and with bulletproof windows, you are as safe as houses when on board a special superyacht.

Of course, there are many other wow features that can be added to your superyacht, the above 5 are definitely up there at the top. If you are thinking of investing in a superyacht, consider all of the above to enhance the amazing experience.