How the Climate Leadership Council Is Battling Global Climate Change

In 2019, the UN announced we only had 11 years left to make dramatic lifestyle changes before we faced irreversible climate catastrophe.

This will cause things like massive desertification, insane amounts of flooding, droughts, dust bowls, and more.

But it’s also the cause of things we’re already seeing like more frequent, and more powerful hurricanes and tornadoes, or the devastating wildfires we saw in early 2020 in Australia. 

If we want to slow or stop these catastrophes, we need to start taking action. 

So what is the Climate Leadership Council doing about it, and what can we do about it?

Here’s What the Climate Leadership Council Is Doing

The Climate Leadership Council is working to change the policies that govern the way we live. They’re focusing on increasing a carbon tax and creating carbon quotas for each individual. 

They’re also working to make existing rules and regulations easier to understand, and thus easier to follow. 

Here’s What You Can Do

As an individual, you alone cannot make enough changes to stop this climate catastrophe. But by becoming part of a movement of people you can contribute to changes. Here are the biggest areas in your life that you can change to have a real impact. 

Rethink Transportation

Opt for biking, walking, carpooling, or public transportation. Take the train or bus instead of flying. As much as you can, avoid driving alone in a car to cut your transportation impact. 

Use Less Energy and Water

In your hope, try to use sustainable energy like solar or wind. Opt for energy-efficient appliances and do what you can to save energy and water around your home. 

Eat Less Meat

If you can, go completely vegan or vegetarian. But you can also have a positive impact by switching to more chicken and less beef, or by cutting out meat for only a few days a week. 

You can also continue to eat meat, but choose to do so only from sustainable sources and ethically grown meat. 

Buy Less

One of the biggest issues causing the climate catastrophe is buying and throwing away needless things. See the areas in your life where you waste the most and opt for more sustainable alternatives or reusable resources. 

Learn to compost or upcycle things, or buy secondhand instead of new to keep things out of the dump, and stop wasting resources. 

Become an Advocate

The Climate Leadership Council is working to change policies on a national level that will make a difference. You can do the same by letting your politicians know your concern about the issue, or by joining in marches or protests.

Climate Leadership Council Cannot Make Changes Alone

We need to look to scientific experts in their fields and to the Climate Leadership Council for advice on what to do about the global climate catastrophe. But we cannot rely on them to make changes that will fix this problem all on their own. 

As people, we need to make massive changes to our lifestyles to limit our impact. We can do this primarily by rethinking our transportation, our energy and water use, our diets, and our spending habits.

By opting for more sustainable modes of transportation, energy and water use, by switching to a vegetarian, vegan or light meat diet, and by buying less, we can make a real change in this world. 

Thanks for being an informed world citizen. Keep checking back for more great info!