The Top Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Family Lawyer

Family law covers many legal issues.

These include divorce, child custody, adoption, protection from abuse, and so on. That means while you may hear of divorce lawyer or domestic violence attorney, they’re all practicing family law, but if you are going to be adopting a child from an adoption agency or an open adoption center, a family law attorney can help you with legal matters. When you plan to adopt a baby from an adoption agency, an adoption lawyer service can help you settle the needed documents and they can certify the legality of the adoption.

That being said, if you need a family lawyer, it helps to choose the best, and the only way to do that is by getting a list of names and interviewing each one of them. Once you review your notes, hiring a family lawyer should be easier.

To help you out, here are some questions you should always ask when interviewing the top family lawyers on your list.

How Long Have You Practiced Family Law?

It’s good to know that the family lawyer you’re considering has the experience and knowledge necessary to streamline your case. An experienced lawyer will know about the possible hiccups and will take steps to ensure yours go as smoothly as possible.

Additional questions you can ask include:

  • Do you frequently handle cases like mine?
  • What’s your success rate, and how many of those cases have gone to trial?; and
  • What are your usual clients like?

What’s Your Preferred Mode of Communication?

Beyond checking credentials and experience, hiring a lawyer is also about rapport. It would be hard to establish that if you have different ideas on how to communicate.

Let’s say, you prefer to be updated about your case via emails, but your attorney keeps on calling you. Or maybe you’re the type who wants frequent updates, but you got yourself a lawyer who only talks to you on an as-needed basis.

In both scenarios, you can already see how problems could arise as your case progresses. Make sure to choose a family lawyer you can easily communicate with.

How Do You Charge Your Clients?

Some attorneys charge by the hour, while others ask for a flat fee. Before you sign anything, you have to know which fees you’re expected to pay. You should also ask how often you will be billed, and if they require a retainer payment.

Now, if budget is an issue, you can ask if there are other lawyers or paralegals who can work on your case at a lower rate. However, this could backfire on you if your case is complicated.

Hiring a Family Lawyer? Ask Away!

There are more questions you should ask when hiring any lawyer. Don’t limit yourself to the three we’ve listed here.

As long as you have concerns about your case, ask. It’s best to do it during the initial consultation so you can be sure you’re hiring the right attorney.

Want to Know More About Family Law?

Now that you know some of the top questions to ask when hiring a family lawyer — don’t stop there.

You should keep learning about family law because that’s one of the best ways you can prepare for your case. For more family law tips and advice, don’t hesitate to check out our other posts.