How You Can Avoid Domestic Disputes During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus has families all over the world stuck in the same house with little or no means of going out. There is only so much time that you can spend exercising or doing essential activities before going back to what might feel like a jail. This is an unprecedented time that can lead to conflict within the home very quickly. Being able to go out for a drive or simply go to the beach to clear your head is not a possibility in many states. Avoiding domestic disputes is important as you will likely be spending quite a bit of time with anyone you get into a verbal argument with. The following are tips to avoid disputes when on lockdown due to COVID-19.

Understand You WILL Get on Each Other’s Nerves

There is probably very little chance that you have spent this much time cooped up in the same confined space as your significant other or family. Arguments are going to happen as everyone is feeling stir crazy. Small things that might have never annoyed you or those in the home before could start getting on each other’s nerves. The importance of looking at the situation and wondering if you are upset with the person or the current situation is important. You will likely find that you have no issue with the other person. Communicate that you might be frustrated due to declining work performance or not being able to work at all.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol has been a staple of this lockdown for many households as there simply is nothing else to do. Liquor stores being deemed essential businesses is both a blessing and a curse for some families. Having a few drinks is fine but disputes usually stem from drinking excessively. There are just some people that might not be able to act in a civil manner after they have had a few gin and tonics. Avoid those family members or your significant other if they have been drinking too much. Moderation is important as storming out and going to a bar isn’t possible during this pandemic.

Diffuse Situations/Take the Loss to Keep the Peace

Diffusing situations between friends or family members should be done during this time. Taking the loss might be difficult in an argument but do this for the greater good. Everyone is frustrated and understand that allowing a fight to drag out might make the fight far more intense. Communication needs to be done in a sensitive way as everyone seems to be in a panic.

Leave If You Suspect Domestic Violence is a Possibility

Domestic violence can occur if alcohol is consumed or other circumstances. Stress from being out of work or not knowing where the next mortgage payment is coming from can drive a person to do things that otherwise they never would have. Leave the home even if it is to sit in the car if you suspect any type of domestic violence is going to occur. If this does occur or you are accused of this then reaching out to a domestic violence lawyer is going to be imperative. This is a stressful time for us all, do not allow domestic violence to makes its way into your home.

Get a Side Gig to Help Earn Income and Distract Yourself

Getting a side gig online whether it is freelance writing or working as a virtual assistant can be a perfect way to occupy your time. You likely have more free time than ever before due to not having to commute to work unless you are an essential worker. The ability to earn extra income if you have the luxury of working remotely will help you thrive during this time. If you have lost your job this can help reduce the financial damage that the pandemic has inflicted on a large number of Americans.

Take the time to make a proactive effort to reduce domestic disputes during this time. You might find that with the right planning or tactics you can eliminate them totally.