Tips to Improve the Design of a Presentation Folder

You want your presentation folders to complement what you are saying. You can’t settle for anything less since people might not remember what you mean, but they can refer to the folder for information. If they do not find anything interesting, they might throw it away. Imagine if you are pitching to potential partners; you will be throwing away an opportunity if you don’t use the best presentation folders.

Apart from the content, you also need to focus on the design. You want the folder to have the necessary details to make it informative, but you also want the design to look appealing. These are the design tips to consider before presentation folder printing.

Easy layout

You want to make it easy for anyone reading the information to grasp everything they need to learn. You can use large fonts for visibility. You can also use different colors for increased appeal. However, you need to limit the information on every page to avoid confusion. Sometimes, when you overwhelm the page with different ideas, the readers might not know where to look. It also shows that you did not organize the information well before deciding to print the folder.

Use consistent and professional fonts

You want to make the presentation folder interesting and fun, but you can’t overwhelm people with lots of different fonts. Some of them might seem unprofessional for your presentation. You need to be consistent with the fonts and choose the style that suits your brand. Grab your very own free Hawaiian fonts right here at

Use quality images

You need pictures to capture the attention of the readers. You can’t have a 10-page folder filled with boring text. Any photos need to be of top quality so that when printed on A4 paper they will still remain visible. You also need to check the source of the photo. If possible, you need to use original images instead of stock photos. The presentation will look authentic if you use your own pictures of real people.

Use your logo and brand name consistently

You want to keep reminding potential investors about your brand and the image you want to convey. Therefore, it helps if you remind them by being consistent with the use of logos, colours, and fonts. Try to stay in the same lane not only in your presentation folder but with other advertising strategies too.

Don’t forget to edit everything

Once you have included all the ideas you want in the presentation folder, the next step is to edit it. You can’t print out something that lacks quality and has tons of errors. You can print one copy to check. You can send it back to your designer for corrections. You can comment on the content, spelling, grammar and the use of images.

You can also consult with the other people at work. They might have ideas that are worth noting too. They might even spot errors that you haven’t. Once you feel that everything looks great, you can have the folders printed and use them for the presentation.