Tips to Managing People

Tips to Managing People

What is Jonathan Osler‘s secret to managing people? Osler has been a leading expert in the field of management and leadership for years now. He has mastered the art of managing people by focusing on their strengths, not weaknesses. Osler shares his tips with us now.

Have a clear contract

First of all, Osler makes sure to have “a clear contract” with his employees. He says that this is the most important part of having a successful business relationship. Without it, there’s no trust! He also lets them know exactly what they are expected to do. When they hire someone, make sure to tell them what is expected of them in specific tasks. For example, when they hire a salesperson, let them know when and where to be at every day to accomplish their goals!

Communication and feedback

Another thing that Osler has found very important in managing people is “communication and feedback.” This may sound simple to do, but they are going to break it down for them so that it’s not so scary. Start by clearly communicating their expectations, what is expected of them every day, and even simple tasks. Then, after they have completed these tasks, solicit feedback on how their day went. This will allow them to know if they are completing the responsibilities the right way. Another way to communicate and give feedback is by showing appreciation; it will make their people happier and more satisfied with their jobs.

Relax the rules

This part of managing people well, relaxing the rules. Every rule they have makes it harder for their employees to do their job, so relax them! Relaxing the rules doesn’t mean that they can do whatever they want whenever they want, but instead gives them room to create and innovate. The more relaxed the rules are, the happier their employees will be.

Empower them

Managing people is empowerment. Empowerment means that they trust their people enough that they know they can make good decisions themselves without having to be micromanaged every second by them. This allows them to feel like a trusted professional in their workplace rather than an employee who has no power or input about anything else other than tasks.

Have a “coaching” approach

When things go wrong, the first reaction should be to coach them. Don’t get upset and fire them on the spot because there could be a number of reasons why they didn’t achieve their goal. Instead, have a conversation with them about what went wrong, identify the mistake(s) that were made then determine how it can be avoided in the future. Don’t try and find someone else to blame for this or take back any decision they have already made!

Give them space

This is an often-overlooked tip, but Osler says it’s vital. Allow their people time to rest and recharge so they can perform at their highest level when they return! Then, if they need help completing small tasks in their absence, hire someone to help them.

Don’t ‘micromanage’

Avoid micromanaging their employees because it will drive them insane, and they will feel like they don’t trust them! This is what Jonathan Osler likes to call the “my way or the highway” approach, but that’s not how business works nowadays. It helps if they teach them rather than do the work for them. That way, they can learn from it when they try again next time. If they are persistent in coaching their people to become better workers, they will always succeed at managing people well!

Managing people is one of the most challenging tasks in business, but if they follow these simple steps, They hope that it will become a lot easier for them!