Top Exterior House Color Schemes

When choosing a façade you need to consider what type of material you wish to use, how long you think it will last, your available budget, and what color you’d prefer. Whatever style you prefer, Missoula Painting Service can do it perfectly.

That’s why you’ll find it easier to talk to a specialist façade engineering, they’ll know everything you need to know to make the right decision.

The first thing to do will be to visit to hire prost paint your home or have a façade installed. Next you’ll find you have a huge choice of colors, so you’ll need to choose the one that best suits your needs and the look of your home.

It is important, before you settle on a color, to check your local planning regs and to take a look at what your neighbors have done. If your plan is radically different you may need to speak to your neighbors first, it will help to ensure everything goes smoothly.

According to an exterior painter, here are the most popular colors schemes at the moment:


There is a huge array of gray colors available, you can choose one of them or mix and match several of them to create a modern-looking home. It may sound boring but when coupled with bright shutters this is a fantastic look. As a bonus, it’s usually very low maintenance.


This is another neutral color which is a great idea if you’re considering selling your home. You’ll want it to look good without putting a potential buyer off by having a color they don’t like.


Somewhat surprisingly white never seems to go out of fashion. It is a color that shows dirt easily but it also reflects the heat of the sun. That’s particularly useful on a hot summer’s day as it can help to keep your house cool. If you require and painter and decorator enfield call us today for extra help.

Of course, white is always seen as an elegant color and it will really make the other colors in your scheme pop. It’ worth considering white, black and gray for an impressive effect.

Don’t forget that the color of your walls is only part of the look. Particularly when choosing paler colors you need to paint your doors, any front railings, and even shutters a bright color. They’ll stand out well against the wall and make your home look picture perfect.


Specifically, you should be looking at light sage green, this is a very popular color at the moment and a great way to add a little color to your home without going over the top. Light sage green is the perfect choice for those that want to appear trendy but prefer to stay under the radar for now.


If you’re feeling bold then a red home, with white or another pastel colored shutters, will look picture perfect. Red is a warming color and should be enough to entice people in, even if you don’t want them at your door. 

Of course, you need a fairly bright red to ensure your statement is really being noticed. 

Don’t forget painting your home is only one option, you can obtain cladding and other facades in these colors as well. If you want the exterior of your home to be breathtakingly beautiful, the experienced Cincinnati exterior house painters can make that into a reality.