Top mistakes in Web Design and how to avoid them

Competently developed web design is an integrated component of a digital marketing strategy that every business owner must take care of. Brand promotion through a site can be a really challenging task. Especially if ignoring trends, creative solutions, and the latest updates. It is extremely easy to mess everything up and more complicated to drive visible results after failure. That is why it is recommended to control online presence for gaining new loyal clients, establishing a trustful relationship, ensuring ongoing sales, and dealing with the competition in Australia. Web design is an art, and flaws and mistakes can negatively impact company development ruining your intentions to be a leader in the Australian market. Thus, you must hire experts like Duda Website Designers who will not only provide technical support of your web resource and its SEO optimization but also make the interactive experience more enjoyable and user-friendlier.

The professionals of a web design company must avoid the most common mistakes that can costs you additional money. The other unpleasant consequences are:

  • spoiled brand reputation;
  • loss of customers’ credibility;
  • poor search engine optimization;
  • loss of competitiveness;
  • failure in reaching set business objectives.

When building a new website or auditing the existing one, pay attention to the next aspects, and remember that any flaw can be corrected on a site. However, it is better not to make them at all as you’re risking to lose everything.

Components of a poorly developed site every web design company must avoid

Too crowded web pages. Sites with tones visual components, animations, images, headings, and text can be quite annoying for users. It distracts from the main purpose of coming to your website. Being frustrated, visitors will leave your site and, probably, will go to your competitor who has balanced web design with properly chosen fonts and colors and with a visible but not irritating CTA button.

Confusing navigation. When users land to your web pages, they must know what to click intuitively. If your navigation is complicated and people will spend on searching the needed link more than 30 seconds, they also will leave. Determine what information is a top priority for your potential clients and make it eye-catching and easy to find.

Ignorance of mobile-friendliness. Take care of users who seek for products and services from other devices. Thus, most of the organic traffic comes from mobiles. Be ready to invest in responsive design to meet the needs of every person.

Missing contact information. No matter what is the purpose of your site. It can be for advertising your products, raising money for charity, or delivering e-commerce services. If users won’t be able to find ways how to contact your company and keep in touch with you, get ready to fail.  

Bad quality and ugly images. Through visual content, users get a quick idea about your offer. Don’t scare your client away with poor graphics. High-quality photos, pictures, or animations will add value to your web pages. Otherwise, you will look like an amateur who had just entered the market and doesn’t have experience.

In addition, invest in the creation of good content and update it regularly. Be sure that experts take care of fast loading speed and visual appeal. If you want to impress your clients with a great site and surpass the competition in Australia, web design agency like Shtudio, offering a full package of web promotion services, can become your partner in reaching your top business goals.