Understanding Tree Surgery in Newcastle upon Tyne

When discussing tree care, most individuals talk about pruning, trimming or even removal. However, there is another important aspect to consider, particularly if you are in the picturesque city of Newcastle upon Tyne, where trees are a defining part of the landscape. This area calls for the special expertise of a tree surgeon Newcastle professional. But what does tree surgery entail? How can it benefit your trees and why should you be cognizant of it? In this guide, we will delve into the world of tree surgery, its importance and how it is carried out in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Essence of Tree Surgery

Tree surgery involves diagnosing and treating ailments that may affect your trees. Just like how doctors treat humans and pets, tree surgeons use their profound knowledge of trees to heal them from various diseases and pest-related problems.

The Role of a Tree Surgeon

Akin to a general practitioner, the tree surgeon Newcastle specialist will first assess the situation before deciding on treatment plans specific to each kind of tree problem. They perform various procedures such as trimming overgrown branches, protecting against pests and diseases, and sometimes removing unhealthy trees.

Why Tree Surgery is Important

Tree surgery is not just about keeping your trees looking aesthetic; it is a crucial part of ensuring their longevity. Regular maintenance prevents the spread of disease, helps in growth and maintains the overall health and wellness of your trees.

Qualification Criteria for Tree Surgeons

Like any other profession, tree surgeons need certain qualifications and certificates from recognized bodies before they can practice professionally. Estimates show that there are currently about 60 active qualified practitioners in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Common Tree Diseases in Newcastle

There is a variety of diseases that can affect trees in Newcastle. Some of the most common include Ash Dieback, Phytophthora Ramorum, and Honey Fungus. These diseases can be contained and treated with appropriate measures taken by tree surgeons.

Tools Used by Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons use an array of tools designed for specific tasks such as pruning shears, hand saws, chainsaws, stump grinders, harnesses and climbing ropes. Having the right tools allows them to work efficiently and safely.

The Process of Tree Surgery

A typical procedure starts with tree diagnosis followed by an action plan on how to treat or deal with the problem. This can involve pruning, injecting pesticides, fertilizing, or even tree removal in extreme cases.

The Cost Of Tree Surgery

The cost varies depending on several factors including the size of the tree, the complexity of the job, and the location. However, it is important to get quotations from different service providers before making your choice.

Contacting a Tree Surgeon

In Newcastle upon Tyne there are multiple qualified professionals who are ready to offer their expertise when it comes to dealing with trees. You can find their contacts online or through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

Tree Surgery During Emergency Situations

Situations such as storm damage can result in emergency needs for tree surgery services. Newcastle has several providers who offer 24/7 emergency call-outs to help manage such situations promptly for safety reasons.

Municipal Regulations Regarding Tree Surgery

Understand that different local authorities have specific regulations concerning tree work including necessary permissions and protected trees legislation. Always confer with your tree surgeon about adhering to these regulations to avoid penalties.

Eco-Friendly Tree Surgery Practices

Tree surgery procedures can sometimes have environmental impacts. As such, adopting eco-friendly methods is essential for sustainability. These can include recycling of waste, using bio-degradable solutions and limiting noise pollution.

The Future of Tree Surgery in Newcastle

Sustainable tree management practices are vital for the future of tree surgery in Newcastle. Together with technological advancements, tree surgeons will likely continue providing crucial help in maintaining the city’s treescape.

Summing Up

Tree surgery is an integral aspect of arboriculture that keeps Newcastle upon Tyne’s trees in top health while preserving the natural beauty of the city. Whether you are a homeowner or community manager, understanding this practice equips you better to proactively take care of your surroundings.