Ways to Find New Content Topics

Creating new content regularly is not easy because you risk bumping into writer’s block. There are many resources which are online which give you topic ideas such as thesis assistance services. Finding new topics may seem like a time-consuming process, but it can take up to 15 minutes to come up with new ideas.


You need a pen and paper to brainstorm and come up with essay ideas. Take two topics or one and start combining or moving words around to see if you will come up with a new topic. Think of different sub-topics you can use to come up with a topic that connects them under one major umbrella.

Take a peek at your competition

Well, if brainstorming is not working for you, check out your competitor’s site. List their websites and social media accounts that you can refer to. Cross-reference their topics to yours, note down the ones you have missed or ones with a different angle than what you have covered. You can use the help of online tools that cover the post’s rating in popularity and the number of shares their posts have had online. This does not mean that you copy your competitor’s topics, but they are meant to inspire you to come up with your own topics. Check out their top publications and influencers and not the same kind of content can target the same audience on your website.

Regeneration of old content topics

Sometimes using the same topic over and over will stretch you until to exhaust information from which you curate your content. Try regenerating the existing content on your site. Take your blog archives and change the topics and content to fit the current time and repost. Update and break down the topics into smaller bits. The best thing regeneration is the audience already loved the content so they really need it. Due to the traffic to the content, you will have better search engine rankings; as long as the audience finds the content important it is ranked as a trustworthy source.

Check out the trending stuff and news

Always be on the lookout for trending topics and list them. Organize to get different social media feeds on what is trending. This will give you a valuable inspiration for content creation. With this create an opinion piece on trending topics.

Rely on your social networks

People are very creative, especially as they are relaxed. Take time to talk to your co-workers and customers and listen to them as they come up with ideas you can potentially develop. After all, you can ask your colleagues or friends to pool ideas they would like you to explore.

Check out your analytics

Using your blog, social media and email marketing campaigns go back and see which of your published content performed well by receiving more responses. This is the best way to judge your audience what they love reading about, what are their interests and preferences. Check the content that led to the highest conversion rate and you can consider adding more content the topic and use the same style to work on other blogs.

Some of these ways will work for you while others might not, but these avenues are explored by thesis helpers too. You can be sure that you will not come out empty every time you attempt. Get inspired by new ideas whenever you need a new spark.