Ways to Save Your Marriage During a Pandemic

couple arguing

During the Covid-19 pandemic, families are experiencing higher levels of stress due to financial instability, worry over medical concerns, feelings of isolation and lack of privacy, and even minor problems can seem unmanageable and overwhelming for even the most stable relationships. 

All of these factors combine to create what feels like a failing relationship. So, what can you do to keep the love alive before find in yourself in the office of a divorce attorney in Oklahoma City? Check out these ways to save your marriage during a pandemic in your home life.

Separations and Divorces During the Pandemic May Be On the Rise

There is no question that although you are spending more time at home with your family, your relationship might be suffering. Studies show that online separation document downloads have increased over the last few months, and surveys of couples indicate that 41 percent have noticed an increase in arguments, with 35 percent believing divorce rates will increase.

Have a Judgement Free Daily Check-In Time

Even though you’re spending more time with your partner, you may not be spending quality time. Set aside a time each day where you can connect on a deeper level and find out how you’re both doing. Use this time to ask questions like, “Is there anything you need?” Allow yourself and your partner to be open and honest, without fear of judgment or not being heard.

Be Sure To Set Aside Some Alone Time

Allowing yourself and your partner some time alone will allow you both to unwind and destress. Taking time to nourish yourself will prevent resentment and keep you from becoming aggravated by one another. Plus, when you come back together you’ll be more excited to see your partner and have something to talk about other than the pandemic and the stresses that come with it.

Don’t Take Things Personally

Under times of great worry and stress, people often lash out at those closest to them. Try to keep in mind that these negative emotions about the situation don’t have anything to do with you, and avoid taking your feelings out on your partner as well. Allow yourself and your partner to go through things, even when it’s uncomfortable. Don’t let minor things turn into huge fights.

Slow Down and Relax

Even though you might not be working as much or constantly running errands away from the home, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the day to day. Take time to slow down and relax, being mindful to connect with your partner in a positive and nurturing manner. Have a movie night at home, make a fancy dinner, or do something you used to enjoy and turn it into a date night.

Control Yourself and Your Emotions

Although much of life seems out of control during this pandemic, one thing you can control is how you react to it. Don’t get triggered every time your partner doesn’t live up to your expectations. Keep a good attitude and think about your tone when speaking. The most important thing is to always add to your relationship, just make sure you’re adding positivity.

Seek Outside Help

If everything is too much to handle on your own, reach out for help outside your home. There are online resources available to you and your partner. Maybe you just need someone to talk to about what you’re going through. Always be willing to take some responsibility and recognize it’s not one person’s fault. Speak to a marriage counselor or professional for guidance. There is also an online couples therapy or marriage therapy service which offers Couples Teletherapy that is dedicated to helping you rebuild and maintain a healthy relationship.