What Are The Most Common Oral Health Problems?

The mouth is so much more complex than what many believe. Similarly to all other parts of the body, our mouth is susceptible to infection and injury. Just as with dieting, rest, check-ups and exercising, you need to do many things to reach oral health. Dental checks are mandatory with experienced clinics like Colorado Healthy Smiles CO. However, being aware of oral health problems is also really important. This is why you need to be aware of the problems mentioned below.

Tooth Decay

Commonly referred to as cavities, tooth decay is highly common. Statistics show that every single American gets a minimum of one cavity during one’s lifetime. Cavities will potentially appear at any age. Usually, tooth decay appears because of maintaining poor oral hygiene, oftentimes combined with a diet that is too high in refined foods, processed foods, carbohydrates and sugars.

Dentists will easily identify cavities and fill them. In the event treatment does not happen, gums and tooth roots are infected. Teeth can be lost when cavities are not treated.

Tooth Infection

When teeth are infected, it is easy to end up with discomfort, pain and throbbing. All these will negatively impact your life. Tooth abscess is normally an infection’s cause. When this is the case, the infection develops inside the pulp of a tooth. Infection spreads into tooth root and eventually reaches the jawbone. When not promptly treated, tooth infections lead to a lost tooth.

Tooth Sensitivity And Toothaches

Tooth sensitivity and toothaches can be caused by various causes. The really common ones are tooth decay and tooth trauma. When tooth sensitivity or pain is severe, a lot of discomfort is in place. Always make appointments with the dentist whenever you are suffering from a toothache or tooth sensitivity.

Gum Disease

Similarly to tooth decay, this is another oral health condition you will end up suffering from at least once in your life. A really common gum disease form is simple to reverse, treat and diagnose. However, when gum disease is not treated, you end up faced with serious versions of disease, like periodontal disease. When left unchecked, jawbone damage is common and teeth are lost.

You need to be sure that you brush and floss daily in order to prevent the appearance of gum disease. Also, go to the dentist in order to get some professional work done.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouths are highly annoying but they are usually harmless. It is unpleasant to be faced with sore throats and constant thirst. However, dry mouths do usually increase risk of getting gum disease and tooth decay. A dry mouth can appear because of different reasons, ranging from medication side-effects to anxiety and stress.


If you wake up during mornings with a really sore jaw, there is a pretty good possibility you suffer from Bruxism. This is a condition in which you unconsciously clench your jaw or grind your teeth. Most of the episodes will happen when you are asleep. Nightguards might be necessary in order to have the condition treated.