Why You Should Consider Switching to a Local Web Host

The next big step after building a business website is choosing the right hosting company. The decision determines a customer’s experience when using a website. Choosing the wrong hosting company will lead to slow loading speeds and occasional downtimes. Consequently, a business loses customers to its competitors, maybe simply because not investing in something like IMS management services. Internet users often switch to other websites when a site does not load within seconds. One of the best decisions that a business can make is to choose a local hosting company for the following reasons.

High Performance and Speed

One major advantage of localized web hosting is that users are located near the servers of the hosting company. A locally hosted business website can load three times faster than a website hosted by an international company. This means that customers or users can find the information they need fast and make quick purchasing decisions. Companies with locally hosted websites are likely to record higher revenues because of the excellent user experience. The process of ordering for products or services online is easy with a faster online store.

Better Prices

Price is an important consideration when choosing a hosting company. Local hosting companies like https://greenhatfiles.com/godaddy-email-webmail-login/ have a limited number of businesses that can use their services. The companies also face stiff competition from international companies. Hence, they offer better rates to attract local companies to their services. Businesses can achieve high loading speeds at low prices by choosing local hosting companies. In addition, businesses can negotiate for customized packages with local companies. International companies offer the same prices to all their clients.

Personalized Customer Service

Businesses can organize physical meetings with personnel from a local hosting company to resolve technical issues. Such meetings are impossible when working with international companies. Local companies can offer personalized customer service because of the limited number of clients. With thousands of clients located in different countries, international companies offer the same customer service to all clients. Businesses have to wait for hours and sometimes more than a day for their technical issues to be resolved.

Improved Ranking

Improving a website’s ranking on search engines takes a lot of time and effort. High loading speeds and relevance in the local market will improve the rankings of a business website. With a local IP, the website looks relevant to the target local market. Google analyses the experience of users on a website when ranking websites. If for whatever reasons, users leave a website after a few seconds or even before the site loads, the website rankings decline. Local web host businesses lead to high loading speeds as explained above. This keeps users on the website for a longer period and improves its ranking.

Businesses reap multiple benefits from shifting from international to local web hosting, with access to advanced features when needed. Business owners can use local hosting as a strategy to improve user experience on their websites. The shift to local hosting can also be used as a search engine optimization strategy. Local web hosting enables businesses to access personalized customer service, better hosting rates, and high loading speeds. Choosing a local hosting company ultimately translates to higher sales and revenues for businesses.