What Are the Safest Alternative Treatments for Dog Seizures?

Seizures leave a considerable impact on your dog’s health and behavior. There are various medications prescribed by veterinarians to manage this condition. But some medications could harm your dog’s liver.

If you want a safe and alternate treatment, explore the option of buying CBD for dog seizures. The various components found in the hemp plant have shown anti-seizure effects in animals. 

The article will look at CBD as an alternative treatment for dog seizures.

CBD for Dog Seizures

A study conducted by Dr. Stephanie at Colorado State University found that CBD was a safe and effective treatment for managing symptoms and preventing seizures in dogs. These dogs were administered CBD oil for 12 weeks. 

Results showed that 89% of the dogs receiving CBD as a treatment had a reduced frequency of seizures. It was also observed that the higher the amount of CBD in the dogs’ bloodstream, the greater was the reduction in seizures.

These findings are significant for providing a glimpse into dosage requirements and the need to have CBD in your dog’s system.  

Another study found CBD administration could reduce pain and improve activity levels in dogs. In addition, the dogs did not show any side effects during the clinical trial period. 

These studies are an indication that you could safely try to help ease your pet’s condition with CBD. But, the dosage should be correct and determined after consulting your vet.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

There is no correct figure for determining the right CBD dosage for dogs. However, you could start by administering small doses and noting down your dog’s reaction to the same.

The dosage depends on the ailment you are trying to manage in your pet. For example, you must consider various factors like age, metabolism, activity level, weight, lifestyle, and health conditions. 

If you are trying to manage seizures, then you might have to go over 8mg/kg doses. And the doses will have to be administered regularly for effective results.

If you are trying to manage a situational condition like anxiety or panic during thunderstorms or car rides, small doses during the event might be helpful.

Again, this is not clinically proven. You will have to keep trying and keeping track of your dog’s reaction to figure out what works for your pet.  

Administer CBD the Right Way for Effective Results

The fastest way to get CBD into your dog’s bloodstream is by administering a few drops sublingually under its tongue. The other way to include CBD in your dog’s diet is to try CBD chews or add the oil to its regular treats. 

Consuming CBD with or as food could comparatively be less effective than the sublingual method. With direct intake, the product will pass through the digestive system and take about 45 to 60 minutes before showing any results. 

When searching for CBD products for your dogs, ensure you look for a brand that uses hemp grown in the US for the best quality. Several studies have shown that CBD for dog seizures is an alternative method you could explore.