Why Ransomware is Businesses’ Top Concern in 2021

Cybersecurity is a hot issue for any business. It’s something that many businesses need to think about more than the physical security of their premises. In 2021, there are several cybersecurity concerns that need to be covered by IT departments and other departments too. 

Ransomware is by far the issue that is of most concern to businesses everywhere and of all sizes. Stories of significant ransomware incidents have been in the news in recent years, but plenty of smaller incidents take place, with SMEs targeted too. There are multiple reasons ransomware has become more of a concern and businesses need to pay attention.

Rise in Remote Work

The increase in remote work over the last year is one of the reasons businesses should be more vigilant about ransomware in 2021. Even as people begin to return to the office, many are expected to remain remote workers for a longer period. 

Having people working in different locations presents security problems and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Employees using their own devices present a security risk and being unable to manage the risks that come with remote work could expose businesses to ransomware attacks and other threats.

Threats of Data Leaks

Ransomware attacks have evolved recently. Many of the initial threats were simply to refuse to return the data that was held to ransom. However, many cyber criminals now threaten to leak the data instead. This means that sensitive data could end up being exposed, not only affecting the reputation of the company but also potentially meaning a breach of regulations such as GDPR and other data laws, resulting in a fine. 

This increases the potential risk to businesses, as the consequences of a ransomware attack could include losing money, suffering a data leak, and taking a hit to their reputation.

Cyber Criminals Selling Services

Another risk to businesses where ransomware is concerned is the possibility of cyber criminals growing “ransomware as a service”. Rather than conducting attacks purely for their own means, they are turning to selling their skills and tools to others as a way to make money. 

This could expand the number of incidents of people using ransomware, allowing criminals who don’t have the technical skills to use these methods thanks to “plug and play” tools.

The methods used by ransomware attackers are becoming more sophisticated too, often employing a more tailored approach to target specific businesses, rather than using automated, random attacks.

Preventing Ransomware Attacks

All businesses need to take steps to address ransomware in 2021 and prevent the issue from becoming one that they have to face. Ensuring robust security measures by working with a skilled IT team provides the protection that your business needs. 

Find an IT services in Fort Myers to help you put a strategy in place to protect your business. Preventing ransomware attacks requires a proactive approach that considers the changing nature of both business and ransomware, from the rise in remote work to the growing sophistication in crimes.