Your Top Tips for Selecting a Printing Service for Your T-Shirt Printing Requirements


When you have to print out a design on a t-shirt – whether it’s for a sports team or club, as a uniform for your staff at your establishment, for a special event or anniversary, and so on – you need to find a Direct to Garment Printing Shirts service that has a copy machine that specializes in the printing of various clothing and accessories. But there are plenty of those, so choosing one can become quite overwhelming and you may even end up making the wrong decision if you don’t know what to look for in your printing service provider. But there are some aspects that distinguish the best printing services from the mediocre ones. So how do you really know if you are making a good choice? Here are your top tips for selecting a printing service for your t-shirt printing requirements.

  • Consider available design elements or features

When designing your t-shirt for printing, you will probably have an idea of the various designs you could use. But if you want to make the proper choice for your t-shirt’s design, your printing provider can help you as well. Choose a printing provider who can give you more than a few options for your t-shirt’s overall design, whether it’s pictures from a disc or clip art, the use of both the back and front of the t-shirt, various high-quality images, including different sizes and texts, alignment, colours, and fonts. If you want your t-shirt’s design to be unique and creative, your chosen t-shirt printing service should work alongside your needs and present you with more than a few options.

  • Think about choices in apparel size, design, and colour

While the design of your t-shirt is essential to making it stand out, you may want several options when it comes to the size, style, and colour(s) of your t-shirt as well, as reputable and experienced printing services in Manchester like Harveyboard Print & Digital attest. For example, the printing service should provide you with different apparel sizes from S to XXL (or more), from short-sleeved to long-sleeved shirts and women’s shirts and children’s shirts to tanks, and different colours depending on your requirements. An even better printing service may even be able to offer you different choices in terms of brands or small businesses, from Nike to Adidas, Result, Russell, and so on. This way, you can really customise your t-shirts according to your budget, needs, the t-shirt’s purpose, and more.

  • Ask about different options for printing

When choosing a t-shirt printing service, you should also ask about their different options in regard to printing the t-shirts. For instance, can the service offer you various printing options and methods, such as heat transfer, screen printing, sublimation, and even embroidery? The more options you have for digital printing, the better – you can simply select the best option that works for you.

  • Determine how they can be of the best help

Printing services are plentiful, as already mentioned, but it also matters how they can truly help you. With this, assess how the company assists you and communicates with you – are they prompt in their responses, and can you contact them via different means such as social media, email, telephone, and so on? If they are quick to respond and easy to contact, this is definitely a good sign as well.