3 Industries that Sell Products Successfully Online

It’s probably no surprise to you that online shopping has been consistently on the rise in the last 5 years. The increase in online shopping isn’t going to stop anytime soon, so many retailers are going digital. However, there are three industries that see a lot of success in the online retail sector. Find out why fashion, e-cigarettes and technology are profitable as online shops.


Clothes, shoes and accessories dominate the world of internet shopping. The popularity of purchasing these items online can be witnessed as malls close across America. In fact, JCPenny recently announced additional stores that will be closing in 2020. With monolith’s like JCPenny starting to throw in the towel and move online, it’s clear that the fashion industry is moving toward digitizing the entire market since brick and mortar stores have trouble competing with online selections and convenience. Plus, new online clothiers with savvy marketing departments are popping up often, further edging out older retailers.


Since they came on the market in the early 2000s, vaping and e-cigarettes have become a hot commodity. Selling vape products online is partly responsible for this trend. Plus, consumers often have the often to make additional purchases while on vape sites, including batteries, holders and other vaping accessories. That’s why the purchasers of these products don’t have to go to many different places to get what they want. Specially once they have found their favorite, like the Lost Mary Vape Device for example. At that point you know where to visit to get exactly what you need and be confident you will be satisfied with your purchase. In addition, without the overhead involved in owning a storefront, online retailers may be able to sell their products at a lower price point.

Books and Music

The days of print books and pressed CDs aren’t over, but they such are few and far between. Audiobooks and digital music sales from consumenten-aanbieding.nl have taken over the writing and music distribution online since the costs associated with digital releases are next to nothing. In digital format, these mediums don’t need to be printed and stocked, which cuts down dramatically on overhead. Of the two, the music industry has adapted best to the digital age. Where it was once a problem, digital music transfer and streaming has become something that is turning a big profit. 

Disrupting the Market

It’s clear that online shopping has changed the way consumers shop, but it can be hard to see it coming. Many people didn’t foresee the closing of America’s malls in such a large number. Likewise, the rise of Amazon was also a shock. For now, online shopping is here to stay.