Add style and storage space to your bed room with an open closet

The open closet is now gaining ascendency over the usually cramped and inconvenient (not to mention dark and musty) bedroom closet that so many middle class homes are now afflicted with. Of course, a walk-in closet is the dream of every homeowner, but the percentage of those who actually have them is small — and getting smaller. New home builders are not including such luxuries in their basic designs anymore, in a desperate attempt to keep building costs down and keep consumer buying high.

That is where the standing closet, or open closet, often called a wardrobe or an armoire, comes in to its own as a great way to beautify the bedroom while making it more efficient as well. In colonial days a wardrobe or open closet consisted of a chest at the foot of the bed.

From there the concept of an open closet space took hold throughout the country until today some new houses don’t bother with a traditional storage room for clothes at all. The open closest employs the latest ideas in strategically positioning shirts, Handcrafted Apparel blouses, dresses, and pants, but also includes draws for socks and underwear, as well as racks for shoes.

With everything in one place, it’s a lot easier to get organized in the morning. And with many styles of wood paneling and Movable Partition Walls to choose from, the open closet look adds a handsome background to any bedroom. You may look for walk in closet designers near me to help you build your dream closet.