Further your finances with these little and large investment strategies

If you’re trying to think of ways to better your financial self in 2020, other than just saving money and trying to be a little more frugal, you might want to start investing for the future. Just like with savings, where you can have a massive long-term account or a simple penny swear jar, there are many different types of investment depending on the level of capital that you have available, to get some advice, hire a financial advisor who can guide you and explain you how to invest.  

For inspiration, we’ve made a shortlist of some different little and large investment strategies. Read on to find out more. 

Little – Small Stocks and Shares 

New to the investment game and want to start small with some relatively low-risk (dependent on the amount of money that you put in, of course) investments? Investing a small amount into some common shares can be a good way of getting to grips with the practice. Some companies even have a system where employees can buy stocks at a discounted rate, and so this might be worth looking into if the place you work for has that system in place. In addition, feel free to check out more investment options on https://www.stocktrades.ca/.

Getting an education and a level of comfortability on stocks is crucial when you’re getting started. As a general rule of thumb, investment and finance smartphone apps can also be a great help for those of us that spend a lot of time on the go travelling or out and about regularly since apps help you to stay productive when on the move. In their article on some of the best financial/investment apps, The Big Investment blog state that we should take advantage of the time that we spend on our phones during the day – a number that has estimated to be around a whopping three hours. Think about all of the investment that you could get done in that time! You may also invest in old coins like byzantine coins and start a collection.

Large – Property Investment 

Want to look into an investment strategy that is perhaps a little more secure, with less of a volatile and worrisome market? Property is seen as being a tactile, physical investment that is known among investors to ‘weather the storm’ when things can dip and experience temporary blip. It is also often regarded as one of the best investment strategies for those that want to put money into something that they know has the potential to be a steady earner as the year’s progress. Contact Middlesbrough based financial advice specalists joslin rhodes for more.

Sure, it might be a more significant commitment than some of the other investments out there. Still, with a healthy capital growth potential, and the opportunity to make consistent money through rental payments if you have buy-to-let property, there’s a lot to get excited about. RWinvest, a property company situated in the UK, have a ton of guides on different areas in the country if that’s something you’re interested in looking into. 

Little – Vintage clothing and general collectables 

Limited release clothing items – sold for a certain period before becoming ‘dead stock’ – can soar in value, being a great investment piece for the fashion-conscious that have their eye on current trends and know what will be popular among fellow enthusiasts, to get more tips, check this website from an expert cashflow coach. A great example of this is Kanye West’s popular Yeezy series of trainers and footwear in collaboration with Adidas, which can quickly rocket in price on the secondary market after selling out in their short runs.  

There are even websites dedicated to valuing the shifting prices of these sorts of sought-after clothing and footwear, such as Stock X, for example. If you know what will be popular and what won’t, it might be worth snagging an extra pair of trainers and keeping them safe somewhere!  

This isn’t just the case with clothes and trainers, of course, and the same can be said for rare vinyl records, CD’s, old electronics and games, art etc. I suppose this just goes to show that anything can be some sort of an investment strategy in theory, but again ensure that there’s an actual market for what you’re buying, as a lot of things are labelled as ‘collectors items’ or ‘rare pieces’ nowadays, when in fact they’re a dime a dozen.