Pandemic Time – The Best Time to Start a Career in the Health and Wellness Industry

To cut to the chase, the best time to start a career in the health and wellness industry is right NOW. It’s not just that this type of career is extremely rewarding and emotionally gratifying; it can also be very lucrative and life-altering, especially considering that more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of their physical and mental health and looking to integrative medicine for help. It’s no secret that there used to exist a sort of a stigma when it came to one’s overall well-being that extended beyond the obvious physical issues. And even the physical has often been ignored for the purpose of appearing stronger.

Now, more than ever, people are trying their best to lead healthier lifestyles and experience wellness in every aspect of their lives. This is precisely why health and wellness professionals have become an irreplaceable and essential part of contemporary culture.

Health and Wellness Careers Outlook

Let’s shift to a more practical approach to choosing a career in the health and wellness industry. After all, aside from enjoying your calling, you also have bills to pay. If you can’t find a job once completing your training and/or studies, your own wellness and health will be in danger. Fortunately, the outlook for this particular industry is rather positive.

Namely, a 2017 Emsi research has predicted a steady 12-14 percent increase for these job categories all the way to 2027.

An average annual salary for a health and wellness career is $55k. Of course, the salary varies depending on the specific job, with a benefits coordinator earning approximately $43k on one end, and a community health director earning approximately $127k on another. A wellness program consultant earns approximately between $51k and $63k, while a wellness program manager earns approximately between $72k and $98k.

Obtaining the Necessary Knowledge and Skills

The most obvious answer for pursuing a career in the health and wellness industry is to go to the University and enroll in appropriate bachelor’s and master’s programs. However, that’s not the only way to gain knowledge and skills when it comes to this career. Depending on the specific job you’re interested in, it’s possible to look up and sign up for various courses and training that will, in turn, provide the necessary certification.

Speaking of certification, ACLS Basic Airway Adjuncts program is particularly useful because it covers basic indications, precautions, and steps for correcting using basic airway adjuncts in Advanced Cardiac Life Support protocols. It includes basic and advanced programs that are oriented towards providing thorough knowledge and skill one would need to save another person’s life and react quickly in an emergency.

Top Meaningful Health and Wellness Career Choices

If you’re not sure where to focus your love and effort, you might be interested to know that the following professions provide a comfortable blend of financial and growing possibilities.

Corporate Wellness Consultant

Companies have finally understood that their biggest asset is their employees. This is precisely why the need for a corporate wellness consultant is growing. Businesses don’t want to lose profit due to their workers suffering from stress and health issues.

Massage Therapist

Tense muscles cause pain, and pain leads to more stress and a considerable drop in productivity. People with desk jobs and those who have to spend their shifts standing up alike all benefit greatly from muscle-relaxing massages.

Yoga Teacher

If you’re someone who’s already very experienced in and enthusiastic about yoga, you may as well make a career out of it. As you probably know, different yoga positions and breathing techniques can do a lot of good for one’s health and well-being; other people are becoming aware of the fact, too. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best online yoga schools and become a yoga teacher to start your career now. As we all know, different platforms for yoga is now digital and some online yoga classes like online streaming classes for kriya yoga are now accessible for every yoga lover.

Respiratory Therapist

Even though we live in a technologically and medically advanced world, people still have to battle respiratory health issues such as asthma, bronchitis, sleep apnea, and so on. Actually, respiratory-related disorders are quite common in this day and age, which makes it all the more necessary for professional respiratory therapists to utilize their skills and knowledge. The mentioned ACLS certificate is a great start.

Personal Trainer

Due to the rise of a sedentary lifestyle and things such as social media and the Internet that have made free time more sedentary as well, more and more people experience issues with their fitness level and weight. A personal trainer is a go-to solution in these cases. What’s more, you can even give your lessons online.

Senior Health and Wellness Coach

No one is ever getting younger. And thanks to the advanced medical support, there’s a growing population of seniors. This is a great opportunity for pursuing a career in the health and wellness industry, such as working with integrative medicine clinic. The number of assisted living homes in Culver City, CA and the whole country is on the rise, and they’re always looking to hire health professionals. You can visit the site to get an idea.

Regardless of the current pandemic situation in the world, the fact of the matter is that health and wellness will always be a priority; maybe even more so after the whole ordeal in 2020 with more people becoming aware of how important their health is. As such, this career path can be fulfilling, lucrative, and engaging.