Signs of Low Refrigerant Level with the Air Conditioner at Work

Air conditioners use refrigerant, a chemical that helps absorb heat and cools the air after passing through the compressor and evaporator that is then distributed to the workplace. The level of the refrigerant can get low after some time, which will require recharging. You will experience various concerns if you leave the refrigerant at a low level, including discomfort in the office since the air conditioner may have difficulty cooling the space. Be sure to get it recharged by Midwest Electric right away once it becomes low. Various signs will tell if the refrigerant of your AC at work is running low.

The vents blow warm air

As mentioned, the refrigerant cools the air after passing through the compressor and evaporator. It then pushes it through the ducts and out of the vents to cool the rooms. Instead of cool air, warm air may blow if the AC has low refrigerant since it will not cool the air efficiently. Dirty or clogged air filters may also cause this, so clean or replace your air filters first, and if the same thing happens, then your refrigerant may need recharging.

There is a surge in your electric bill

Your air conditioner needs extra effort to cool the air due to low refrigerant, which will increase your energy consumption, resulting in a higher power bill. Besides this, other factors may also cause a surge in your electric bills, such as dirty filters, incorrect AC size, and an old AC unit that may no longer be functioning effectively. For companies that operate around St Charles, an airconditioning repair St Charles IL service provider can help determine the actual cause of this issue and also help determine whether your AC requires refrigerant recharging, repair, or replacement.

Bubbling or hissing noise in your AC unit

This noise is a sign of a leak in your AC unit, which lets the refrigerant escape, thus causing the said noise. Unless you are a pro in this area, it’s best to leave it to the ac repair professionals to find the source of the leak, fix it, and recharge your refrigerant as needed. Chemical bund lining effectively contains and manages leaks from AC systems. If you need someone to inspect it, check out this Local AC repair in Dallas-Ft Worth.

Frost or ice on your air conditioner

Low airflow may also cause this problem. So before recharging your refrigerant, try cleaning the filters and vents first. If the issue persists, then it’s probably due to a low refrigerant level. When its level gets low, its temperature also becomes lower than usual, thus freezing the evaporator coil and refrigerant lines.

It takes longer to reach your set temperature

Since it has difficulties cooling the air, the AC will have difficulty reaching the temperature you set in your thermostat. Not only will this be uncomfortable for the people in the office, but as mentioned in the previous item, it can also cause higher energy consumption resulting in an increase in your electric bill.

Increase humidity in the workplace

The AC will inefficiently absorb moisture due to a low refrigerant level, so you will notice higher humidity or moisture level in the workplace.

If you see any of these signs and try other possible fixes like cleaning the filters and vents, the refrigerant level could be low. Get the help of an air conditioning repair expert to recharge your refrigerant. Make sure that you focus on ac tune and replacement too, so you can get your AC back to its best performance. In addition to scheduled air conditioning maintenance, you can help ensure a long life of your AC unit by changing your air filter every one or two months.