The Growth of Web3 and How it Will Affect Your Career

The future of work lies in the hands of the internet. Web3, classified as a decentralized online space owned by everyone, is the evolved version of the web as we know it today and is allowing developers to make leaps and bounds within several sectors. Webb developers are rapidly solving previous problems, leading to more advancements, more interest in crypto and other online services, and the large influx of funding for these web based entities.

As a result of these advancements, the world of employment specifically has seen a large shift, as new digital roles are in higher demand than ever before. Jobs like developers, technologists, and data scientists have all seen a greater than 100% increase in demand in recent years. Because of this, independent work has been able to generate more revenue than typical salary workers, leading to greater pay and more of an attraction to self-driven careers. Web3 and employment has led to less of a reliance on the 9-5 job, allowing people to work from anywhere in the world while still reaping the same benefits and simply having more jobs to choose from. 

Studies show that 81% of people believe that Web3 will improve their happiness and well-being, and many global leaders agree. Web3 is our inevitable present and future, and the future belongs to the sovereign worker and those who are willing to embrace the new role that technology plays in our society.

Web 3, Sovereignty, and the Future of Work