3 Basic Home Products Everyone Should Own

Whether you’ve just graduated summa cum laude or have been out of the house for years, you may have noticed that your home is lacking a few essentials that stand between you and the gilded title of “actual grown-up.” Sorry to break it to you but sleeping on a mattress without a bed frame and using a cardboard box as a bedside table doesn’t really scream “mature adult.”

Here are the three types of products you should get your hands on before inviting your parents over to your crib. And don’t even think about having dates over until you get rid of all your cardboard furniture (even the surprisingly sturdy makeshift footstool).

#1 The Right Cleaning Products and Tools

You’re not in college anymore. There should not be unidentified stains on the lid of your trash can or your wall. Spaghetti sauce belongs on just that: spaghetti.

The first set of tools you need to step into the world of adulting are good ol’ cleaning supplies, like:

  • Sustainable surface cleaner
  • Reusable rags; especially a Swedish dishcloth
  • A duster (to dust off that bookshelf full of books you’ve definitely read, wink wink)
  • A broom and dustpan
  • A Swiffer mop
  • Washers and dryer, including Dropps laundry detergent, softener, and dryer sheets, if you don’t own any of this equipment to wash your clothes then contact a drop off laundry service
  • A plunger and toilet cleaner (your bathroom ain’t cleaning itself, hun). Aqua Ammonia is an excellent cleaning agent for bathroom sinks, tubs and other surfaces.
  • Air freshener (the existence of which should not negate the importance of the rest of the supplies on this list; Febreezing your laundry didn’t fly back in college, and it certainly won’t fly now)

#2 A Fool-Proof Can Opener

It’s okay, you can admit it: sometimes you can’t figure out simple cooking gadgets for the life of you. No greater humiliation hath been suffered than at the hands of the mighty Can Opener.

But now, my friend, there has since risen a can opener that is no longer against you, but, in fact, was designed to make you appear as graceful as possible when opening that iron-clad can of tomato soup: the OXO can opener (insert trumpet fanfare here).

While those retro-looking, metal-only can openers might look chic and minimalistic on your kitchen counter, they won’t open anything if you give up after five minutes. So, swallow your pride and buy a high-quality can opener so you can actually swallow your canned goods for once. Like, we know they last forever but that doesn’t mean you need to keep them closed forever, yeesh!

#3 Basic Cooking Supplies

Let’s take you back to grade school and give you a quick multiple-choice quiz: Which of the following items would make your in-laws judge you if they saw your pantry?

  1. Artisanal pasta
  2. A variety of curry powders
  3. A bulk supply of instant ramen and nuclear-resistant twinkies

We’ll give you a few minutes to respond—oh? You already have an answer? That was fast! Correct; instant ramen, while an excellent quick fix on a busy work-from-home day, should by no means be your only go-to now that you’re a full-blown adult.

To ease you into the life of the adult-who-cooks, make sure you equip yourself with these basic kitchen musts: 

  • A strainer for washing rice and veggies, sifting flour, and, of course, straining pasta.
  • High-quality non-stick pots and pans, preferably that match your kitchen’s aesthetic. 
  • Baking pans for cooking delicious vegetable medleys, salmon, and hand-breaded chicken parm (ooh, look at you getting all fancy!).
  • Cooking utensils like spatulas, wooden spoons, and tongs. 

Acquiring the Right Tools Takes Time

It’s okay not to have every little gadget, product, or piece of furniture you need all at once, especially because getting the highest-quality items for your standards represents a significant investment (which, while well worth it, isn’t always available when you need it). However, you can start prioritizing some of these purchases by setting concrete savings goals and fitting a “home and bath” section into your monthly budget.

That way, you’ll be able to craft your perfect home set up in no time!