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Why business lawyers are very much needed.

When operating your business you never know what can happen. Lawsuits can happen, accidents. The list is endless. And unfortunately, many business owners do not have a business lawyer to go to for advice. It is almost impossible to run a successful business without having good business lawyers and commercial litigation lawyers or without consulting a

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Liberal Claims Surrounding Universal Healthcare Are Unfounded

Liberal cries for the federal government to provide universal healthcare to all Americans have grown louder and louder even since the congressional GOP’s failure to repeal and replace Obamacare. Many of the Democratic candidates running in the 2020 presidential election have made universal healthcare a central facet of their platforms, too, furthering the salience of

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Big Data vs Data Science

Among various directions related to digital technologies, two trends stand out as the most popular and promising: big data and data science. While these concepts are clear to experts, many laypersons misinterpret and confuse them. Let us outline the definitions and compare big data and data science. Any data science consulting company will easily point

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