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How To Improve Your Sleep Quality

Despite all of us knowing how important is sleep for our health and well-being, many people across the globe suffer from either lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. Although everyone’s sleep needs vary, sleep deprivation can literally unlock a Pandora’s box filled with negative consequences. Importance of Sleep A good night’s sleep using comfy

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Importance of AC Maintenance

Appliances That Use the Most Electricity  Central heating and cooling systems: air conditioning and heating are the most costly out of all your electrical home appliances. To lower these costs on your CT electricity bill, make sure your heating and air conditioning systems are in good shape with regular maintenance and health checks. Lighting: Before

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CBD for Seniors

There are tons of health benefits for people over 55 associated with CBD compounds’ consumption. It may not have been easy to find legal sources for these products in the past.  However, since the passage of the 2018 legislation that legalized the growth and production of hemp and processing of hemp products, it has become

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How the CBD Business Is Evolving

While decades of cannabis prohibition may lead some to assume that the therapeutic benefits of CBD are a recent discovery, that’s far from the truth. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam made the first breakthrough towards understanding the effects of individual cannabinoids in 1963 when he successfully identified the stereochemistry of CBD. What is CBD? CBD (cannabidiol) is

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