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Smile Direct Club Joins Ortho@Home Program to Offer Affordable, Accessible Clear Aligner Therapy

Smile Direct Club’s partnerships enable the acclaimed dental care company to roll out its highly sought-after clear aligner therapy. Over the last year, Smile Direct Club has rapidly scaled its partnerships and collaborations to expand its reach across the United States and further afield. Smile Direct Club has formed these partnerships in an effort to

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Jack Plotkin Goldman

Jack Plotkin & Proposition 22: Insights from a Former Goldman Strategist

While national elections have dominated the news cycle, many transformative legislative propositions and regulatory measures were also on the ballot. One of the most consequential and possibly controversial was Proposition 22 (Prop 22), which passed in California, the country’s most populous state. The proposition grants app-based transportation and delivery companies a special exception to California’s

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The Effects Of Climate Change And How To Better The Environment in 2021

Despite warnings for years from environment experts about global warming and how to prevent it, in recent years, the world continues to experience record-breaking temperatures, fierce storms and wildfires, and phenomenal glacier melt. Many sustainability efforts have been made by private and government organizations globally, but not enough people have taken them seriously. Come 2021

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Top Five Law Schools

Law schools differ in many ways because of how they are seen by the public and by students. Coming in at number one is Yale University is the best law school in the world. It has an enrollment of about six hundred thirty. The total for a full-time student a year accumulates to about sixty-six

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The Biology Of Trees

Many miscalculated the importance of trees on this planet. Without them, the world would basically explode. That is why people like Alexander Djerassi appreciate trees. They are the largest plants on earth and they also supply the earth with oxygen. In addition, they store carbon and give life to wildlife. Think about all the birds,

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The Fine Arts

The definition of fine arts can be very fluid. Usually, it means having creative or visual art that is appreciated by many people. Pop art and aesthetically pleasing content are very unique to each artist. When a person is creating art, they usually have a secular way of doing so which makes them that much

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