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COVID-19 Side Effects

There are many side effects of COVID-19. One of the biggest side effects victims have been experiencing is hair loss. This can happen up to months after having the virus. Chucks of hair can fall out at a time which is really devastating to men and women all over the world. In addition, a loss

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Note Taking

When a person is taking notes on a given subject, it’s very important to take them thoroughly and express the information correctly. Sometimes instructors or presenters talk in a swift manner, which can make it difficult to keep up. In addition, sometimes there may be a lounge barrier between the presenter and the audience. So

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There are many reasons for people to get educated. The first reason is to help further a career. If one wants to become a doctor, it takes years of education, experience, and training, to be successful and get hired. It’s the same for most other careers. Nowadays, college is mandatory in order to get a

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How to Stay Safe

During the pandemic, it is important that everyone does their best to follow safety regulations. Wearing a mask should be common knowledge due to the spread of the virus. In addition, health experts like Helen Lee Schifter recommend drinking lots of fluids. With an unknown cure still circulating, it’s important to follow safety precautions as

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Recycling should not be an option, it should be mandatory. With the way this world is going, there should be a constant demand for people to recycle and be more sustainable. It takes very little extra effort to separate recyclables from the trash. The average American doesn’t take into consideration how doomed the planet will

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