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What Is California’s Proposition 213?

Since 1996, California’s Proposition 213 has changed the state’s insurance standards for drivers and passengers involved in accidents. Prop 213 is a law that affects California motorists uniquely. Its nuances (like lane splitting in California) just may just be the difference between whether the victim of a crash is covered for pain and suffering caused

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The Audio Storyteller for Kids

Kids love stories. They want to be told stories while in the car, at home over a meal, and especially when it’s time for bed — probably the most effective delaying tactic ever invented. But parents and caregivers don’t always have the time to sit down with a child and tell them a fairy tale

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How To Find A Great Car Repair Shop

Being a car owner comes with numerous responsibilities that few actually take into account.  As time passed, cars became more and more complex. The technology included started to become more impressive, but also more difficult to understand. While some years ago it was really easy to fix many car problems by simply reading an article

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